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Missouri Halloween Safety Tips

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Peterson & Associates, P.C., Missouri personal injury lawyers, share the following safety tips to keep your family safe this Halloween:

Reflective Gear

Kids will be trick-or-treating as the sun goes down in residential areas that are not lit very well. Parents should ensure that kids are carrying glow-in-the-dark accessories or other reflective gear so that cars can see them. Kids can also carry flashlights so that they can see.


Parents should opt for face paint over face masks in Halloween costumes to preserve visibility. Kids who cannot see very well are more likely to get lost or injured by falling. Also, make sure that your kids are wearing comfortable shoes that they can walk in.

Waiting to Eat Candy

While excited children may want to eat their candy haul immediately, encourage your kids to wait until they get home to consumer any of the candy they collect.

Parents can make waiting easier by giving kids a stash of safe candy to eat while they complete their trick-or-treating activities.

When kids return, parents should evaluate each and every single piece of candy to ensure that they are safe.

Pay Attention to Pets

One of the most popular Halloween traditions is to dress up the Halloween pets. While it is great that families are including their pets in Halloween celebrations, there are some safety tips that can ensure that even your pets have a great night.

  • Make sure your pets have current ID tags
  • Make sure that your pets are not chewing on or eating their costumes, candy or Halloween decorations
  • Make sure that your pets cannot easily access the front door

Happy Halloween!

Peterson & Associates, P.C. lawyers and staff wish you and your family a fantastic fun-filled safe Halloween night!