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Genital Talcum Powder Usage Associated With Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer Dec 21, 2016

Studies dating back to the 1990s revealed an association between the use of talcum powder on the genital region and an increased risk for ovarian cancer. Fast forward to 2013, when a study published by Cancer Prevention Research harmonized data from ...

Appealing a Denied Social Security Disability Claim Sep 30, 2016

According to the Social Security Administration, the ultimate goal is to make sure that any application for Social Security disability income is correct. Unfortunately, application errors result in a large number of denials of requests for SSD. In ...

IVC Filter Migration Sep 22, 2016

When someone is at risk of stroke due to blood clots and is not a candidate for blood-thinning medication, a doctor may opt to implant an IVC filter into the patient’s inferior vena cava, the largest vein in the body. The filter is intended to act as ...

How Big a Problem Is Substance Abuse in the Trucking Industry? Sep 15, 2016

Commercial truck drivers are held to the same standards as those who drive regular passenger vehicles, but they are also expected to abide by regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Like the everyday driver, ...

The Facts About Texting While Driving Aug 24, 2016

Despite numerous warnings, new laws and regulations, and various other factors to fight against the issue, texting and driving are still far too common. Not only is this a distraction to drivers, but it is something that can — and has already — lead ...

How Are Medical Devices Approved? Jul 19, 2016

When we require a medical device to help with our health, it’s not often that you think the device will fail. After all, before these medical devices can be offered to patients, they must be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration ...

What Makes an Injury "Catastrophic?" Jun 17, 2016

In any type of crash, medical malpractice issue, or other negligence-related incident, there is a potential for injury. While there are countless situations that result in minor injuries, there are times where an injury is considered catastrophic. ...

Hours of Operation & Truck Driver Fatigue Jun 8, 2016

If you drive on the road, you know that there are certain laws and rules you must follow. These are put into place in order to keep everyone on the road safe. With commercial truck drivers, they must follow those rules as well, but they are also ...

Three Ways a Product Can Be Defective May 25, 2016

As consumers, we expect the products we purchase to work as intended and to be safe. At no point do we believe that something can go wrong and the product will cause an injury. Unfortunately, this is a real concern as manufacturers have released ...

Checking the Status of a Pending Social Security Disability Claim May 13, 2016

Have you filed a claim for Social Security Disability benefits ? Are you still awaiting an answer? Many people who file Social Security Disability claims are often unsure of how to check the status of a pending case. If you need help, our Kansas City ...

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse May 5, 2016

As our loved ones get older, it may be more difficult to provide the care they need. Oftentimes, this is when people opt for a nursing home. While it’s reasonable for you to expect the nursing home to provide proper care to your loved one, this is ...

What To Do After an Auto Accident Apr 15, 2016

You can look on the news any given day and see some sort of report discussing an auto accident . Collisions happen frequently all over the United States and the results can be disastrous depending on how severe the accident is. Accidents are caused ...

The Anatomy of a Personal Injury Claim Apr 7, 2016

While it may be the last thing on your mind after sustaining an injury due to someone else’s negligence, filing a personal injury claim can be very beneficial. If you’ve been harmed, you need to understand what the personal injury claims-filing ...

Prescription Drugs & Birth Defects Feb 10, 2016

Antidepressants & Anti-Seizure medications such as Topamax, Depakote, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, Lexapro, and others, have been associated with a higher risk of Birth Defects if taken during pregnancy. These drugs have been linked to birth defects such ...

Yaz® & Yasmin® Serious Side Effects Feb 10, 2016

Yaz®, and Yasmin®, have been linked to serious side effects including: Blood Clots, Pulmonary Embolism, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Stroke, Heart Attack, Liver Tumors, Breast Cancer or Death If you have suffered any of these or other injuries as a result ...

16 results found. Viewing page 1 of 2.

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