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Blog Posts in 2018

Why Do Insurance Companies Try to Protect Their Clients in DUI Accidents? Dec 18, 2018

We all know that drunk driving accidents are wrong. Driving while intoxicated is an illegal act that can lead to serious consequences for the driver, and anyone he or she may collide with on the road. However, in civil legal matters, insurance ...

Why Cases Against Drunk Drivers Are About More Than Just Compensation Dec 4, 2018

When you’re injured in a crash involving a drunk driver, you’re most likely considering what legal options you have to seek compensation for the injuries you have sustained. This means going through the process to hold the negligent party ...

Dram Shop Laws In Missouri Nov 20, 2018

Imagine this: You’re driving down the road when suddenly, another car collides with you, crashing into your vehicle. You may be hurt, but when you approach the other driver to exchange information, you smell a heavy presence of alcohol on their ...

Can I Do Anything to Stop Drunk Driving? Nov 6, 2018

Drunk driving is one of the more serious problems on the road today when you consider exactly how much damage can be caused. There are so many problems that exist and drunk driving often results in individuals sustaining significant injuries as a ...

How Does Drinking Cause Impairment: What the Driver Sees Oct 26, 2018

Countless individuals go to bars or parties at night or on the weekend and drink. While in moderation it may not cause significant problems, even the slightest amount of alcohol can cause small impairments. The more alcohol consumed, the more the ...

Ways to Identify a Drunk Driver on the Road Oct 10, 2018

When you want to drive on the road, you expect to get wherever you’re going safe and sound. You take precautionary measures, understand how to drive in a defensive manner, and try to stay away from areas that may be considered dangerous. ...

How Victims Can Protect Themselves After a Drunk Driving Accident Oct 4, 2018

What happens when individuals on the road are impaired? With so many drivers on the road, the moment that one person is impaired by alcohol, it can lead to serious problems, including potential accidents that result in serious injury. Alcohol can ...

Should I Deal with the Insurance Company Alone? Sep 26, 2018

Personal injury cases of any kind typically involve you, the injured victim, going up against the defendant and their insurance company. The insurance company who provides coverage to the defendant is often the one who covers many of the damages ...

The Importance of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Sep 10, 2018

There are few things more intimidating than dealing with a personal injury lawsuit on your own. Legal matters are often confusing and contentious, making this one of the more complex situations to endure. However, there is a way you can position ...

Can Third-Party Companies Be Held Liable In a Car Accident? Aug 24, 2018

Consider this scenario: You’re driving down the road and stop at a red light. Out of nowhere, you’re rear-ended by another vehicle. You and the other driver both sustain injuries, but the driver in the car behind you hit the brakes. What could this ...

Economic vs. Non-Economic Damages Aug 14, 2018

Personal injury lawsuits are complex, but one thing is always certain: victims of negligence deserve the right to seek compensation. This means holding the negligent party responsible for their actions and seeking the financial compensation needed to ...

What Damages Can a Victim Sustain? Jul 23, 2018

Whenever anyone is involved in a negligence-related accident, there are a lot of things that can arise. One thing that nobody ever wants to deal with is a serious injury. It’s an unfortunate situation, but it happens more often than most would like. ...

At Least 17 Dead After Commercial Duck Boat Capsizes in Missouri During Storm Jul 20, 2018

At least 17 of 31 people aboard a commercial duck boat that capsized in Stone County, Missouri last night have died, authorities have reported. The vessel was ferrying passengers on Table Rock Lake, southwest of the town of Branson. A violent squall ...

Who Is Responsible for Injuries Caused by Negligence? Jul 13, 2018

For any individual, sustaining a serious injury is one of the most daunting and traumatizing things they can experience. They’re sudden, impact the individual for a long time, and can require long-term medical care. When negligence results in a ...

The Rights of Victims and How We Protect You After an Injury Jul 6, 2018

Individuals spend their entire lives, never thinking that something will go wrong and that they’ll sustain a serious injury. We do daily tasks thinking that we’re safe from harm. However, there are a number of dangers that can increase the risk of ...

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