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Speeding in Missouri: Basic Speeding Law vs. Absolute Speed Limits Dec 13, 2019

Missouri is rather unique when it comes to speeding laws in the state. There are two types of speeding laws: “basic speeding law” and “absolute speed limits.” Read on to learn more. Basic Speeding Law The basic speeding law in Missouri states that ...

Congratulations to Our 2019 Super Lawyers® Honorees Nov 13, 2019

In 2019, three of our attorneys appeared on the Super Lawyers® website and in the organization’s yearly magazine. Our founding partner, David M. Peterson , was once again recognized on the main Super Lawyers list, which he has appeared on since 2005; ...

Always Watch for Pedestrians: Even Where They Shouldn’t Be Nov 8, 2019

Pedestrians are very vulnerable when there are vehicles around; especially those traveling at high speeds. Whether pedestrians have the right of way or not, you should always take caution to avoid hitting them. When it comes to pedestrians, always ...

Driving Safely in Kansas City Nov 4, 2019

Driving safely is as easy as it is important. It is especially significant to practice safe driving habits in inclement weather and densely populated areas. Good driving habits In order to keep yourself and those around you safe on the road, there ...

Missouri Car Accident Facts Oct 17, 2019

There are several circumstances in which unsafe driving can occur. Some are avoidable, like texting and driving , and others are unavoidable, such as debris or animal interferences that appear suddenly. It is crucial for drivers to engage in as many ...

[Infographic] Burn Injuries: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degrees Oct 2, 2019

Do you know the various degrees of burn injuries and how the symptoms can impact a person? For any victim of a burn injury caused by negligence, the severity can help to determine the compensation. Here’s how each degree of burn is determined: At ...

What are Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries? Sep 3, 2019

When someone suffers a spinal cord injury , it’s crucial to determine whether the cause was an act of negligence or if it is something that can happen in a sport or other physical contact. Unfortunately, there are many potential causes of spinal cord ...

Complete vs. Incomplete: Understanding Spine Injuries Aug 16, 2019

Spine injuries. They’re some of the most severe that can occur and often have a significant impact on the injured individual’s entire life. Unfortunately, these injuries happen far too often with thousands of new cases occurring each year. Many ...

Long-Term Effects Associated with a TBI Aug 8, 2019

After a traumatic brain injury , there are numerous effects the victim may experience—some more severe than others. At the end of the day, the long-term effects can be mild or severe, but they still require significant medical care moving forward. As ...

Identifying the Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury Jul 22, 2019

Because there are varying degrees of severity for brain injuries, many people downplay the various symptoms as something as simple as a headache. Unfortunately, this can also lead to the injured party not receiving the proper treatment to begin ...

Which Injuries are Categorized as Catastrophic? Jul 16, 2019

When it comes to any legal matter involving personal injury law, it’s easy for any person to consider their injury as serious. However, the law looks at the severity of the injury differently and there are only a few they consider to be catastrophic. ...

Car Accident Claim Myths: What's True vs. What's False? Jul 5, 2019

Needing to file a claim after a car accident can seem like a tedious task, especially when so many people have conflicting stories regarding the process involving the insurance companies. While there are a lot of truths out there, there are also ...

What are the 100 Deadliest Days? Jun 19, 2019

We have entered what is considered one of the most dangerous times of the year. The summer months—specifically the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day—are considered the 100 deadliest days for a number of different reasons. It’s imperative you ...

The Process of an Uninsured Car Accident Claim Jun 3, 2019

If you’ve been involved in an accident, you know that one of the most effective ways to move forward from the emotional pain and physical injuries is to pursue compensation. Typically, this is done through the negligent party’s insurance company. ...

The Four Factors of Liability In a Car Accident May 17, 2019

When filing a car accident claim against a negligent driver, you as the plaintiff have the burden of proof to show that the other driver was in fact responsible for the crash. Proving that negligence was involved is something that requires knowledge ...

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