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Top 3 Lies Insurance Companies Tell to Limit Liability

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Any time you’re injured in an accident and your vehicle suffers damage, you rely on the insurance company to have your back and help you cover the expenses. When it’s someone else’s negligence that causes the crash, matters become more difficult.

You have to go through that party’s insurance company to seek compensation. Unfortunately, they’re not necessarily looking out for your best interests and to protect their own liability, they may try to fabricate stories and lie about the incident, putting you at fault. Here are three of the most common lies they may tell.

1. “Your Injuries are from a Separate Incident”

One thing that the insurance can try and do to limit the amount they pay out to you is prove that your injuries were suffered in an incident prior to or after the accident. They try to claim that the injury was pre-existing and they shouldn’t be responsible for the damages.

This makes it increasingly important to obtain medical treatment and records to show proof of the injury occurring during the accident, such as pictures of the injuries and a medical record.

2. “If You Don’t Accept the Settlement, You Won’t Get Anything”

Many insurance companies take advantage of the fact that injured individuals are in dire need of compensation. As such, they’ll try to offer you a low settlement to make everything go away. They may try to claim that if you don’t accept their settlement offer, you won’t be able to recover anything.

This is not always true, and you should work with a lawyer who can explain whether or not you have the right to more than being offered to you.

3. “Your Injuries are Not Severe Enough”

If the insurance company can’t get the claim dismissed completely, they’ll try to pay out as little as possible. One way they try to do this is claiming that the injuries you sustained are not severe and that you don’t deserve a higher amount of compensation. They try not to factor in quality of life—only focusing on medical bills.

At Peterson & Associates, we’re well aware of the tactics insurance companies use to try and convince you to take a settlement offer far less than what you deserve to receive. We’re here to protect your from the insurance companies and prevent them from taking advantage of your rights.

You can count on our Kansas City car accident lawyers to pursue the maximum compensation you deserve when you need it the most. We factor in all damages, including medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering, so you know we’re seeking the most favorable outcome possible.

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