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Always Watch for Pedestrians: Even Where They Shouldn’t Be

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Pedestrians are very vulnerable when there are vehicles around; especially those traveling at high speeds. Whether pedestrians have the right of way or not, you should always take caution to avoid hitting them. When it comes to pedestrians, always expect the unexpected.

Pedestrian fatalities

Unfortunately, since pedestrians are so defenseless to vehicles on the road, it is highly possible for a pedestrian who is struck by a vehicle to be killed. It is for that reason that motorists should take extra caution when driving in areas where pedestrians are present.

On September 24, 2019, at around 11:10 pm, a pedestrian by the name of Jeremy Hall was struck by a vehicle and killed. It is indicated in the online traffic crash report that Jeremy was walking in the passing lane on US 63 southbound when he was hit by a car and pronounced dead on the scene.

It is unlikely that this accident could have been avoided since Jeremy was walking in the passing lane on the highway, which is designed to be utilized only by vehicles. However, if the driver had been using high-beam headlights and was consistently scanning the road for unexpected encounters, perhaps the fatality could have been avoided and instead Jeremy may have ended up with severe injuries rather than death.
For this reason, among others, it is always a wise choice to constantly scan the road in front of you, on all sides, and behind you for sudden changes in driving conditions.

Pedestrian right of way rules in Missouri

According to Missouri state law, if traffic signals are down or don’t exist in a particular area, drivers should yield the right of way to pedestrians crossing roadways within crosswalks on the driver’s side of the road. This also applies to pedestrians that are on the opposite side of the road but will approach closely as to be in danger of the oncoming vehicle.

The law also states that pedestrians are not to leave a curb or other safe place and enter a vehicle’s path to the point where the driver will not be able to stop or yield to the pedestrian.

In addition, Missouri state law specifies that it is unlawful for a driver approaching from behind to pass a stopped vehicle who is waiting for a pedestrian to cross at a crosswalk.

Accidents involving pedestrians are tragic. The experienced professionals at Peterson & Associates are well-equipped to litigate for pedestrians who have sustained injuries by being struck by vehicles.

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