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Who is Liable For Fireworks Accidents & Injuries?

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Every July, our country celebrates its independence with fireworks. This enjoyable pastime creates a magnificent nighttime scene. But what happens when a fireworks show fails? Someone may suffer severe injuries as a consequence. When it comes to accidents caused by fireworks, it is essential to establish who will be held liable. Here are a few instances of how culpability may vary based on the circumstances surrounding a firework accident.

Manufacturer Responsibility For Firework Accidents

A firework manufacturer is responsible for making consumer-safe items. When it comes to fireworks, each explosive should be manufactured carefully to prevent premature detonation. If a defect in these fireworks causes harm, it is possible that the maker will be held accountable.

What’s more, two specific types of pyrotechnics exist; consumer and professional. Per the Consumer Product Safety Commission, only qualified pyrotechnicians have access to professional-grade pyrotechnics, such as those seen at Disneyland or the Fourth of July celebrations in your area. However, the fireworks during your block party or backyard celebration will be prepared and created on a lower scale of quality. In this case, the vendor selling these types of defective fireworks might be held accountable if they’ve caused damage or injury.

Guardian Liability For Fireworks Injuries

It is necessary for a parent or legal guardian to watch over any situation where fireworks are used. If children use fireworks, an accident might end in serious or fatal injuries. Even if a parent is looking away when an accident involving a child occurs, they might still be held responsible. When combustible items like fireworks are present and being used, it is a parent or guardian’s job to always keep juveniles safe.

Public Authorities & Firework Accidents

Who is Liable For Fireworks Accidents & Injuries?Independence Day often features several outdoor festivities that conclude with fireworks displays at night. The organizers of these events are responsible for ensuring the safety of all attendees. What’s more, the public body in charge of the event might be held accountable if the procedure of releasing the fireworks does not proceed according to plan, resulting in injuries to event attendees.

Finally, if someone attempts to set off a firework without following the directions, debris might be launched in the incorrect direction. These potent explosives may cause chaos at any community fireworks display, and thus, the person who ignited the fireworks may be held accountable for any injuries that occur in the vicinity of the discharge zone.

Attorney For Personal Injury in Kansas City

As summer arrives, along with warmer weather and outdoor celebrations, so does the possibility of catastrophic harm from fireworks. Fortunately, the sooner you contact a Kansas City firework injury attorney after such an accident, the greater your likelihood of getting compensation for your damages. You may find that superior legal counsel will aid you throughout and during your recovery.

Moreover, our skilled, seasoned team at Peterson & Associates, P.C. has represented clients who have been injured in pyrotechnic accidents in Kansas City and the surrounding regions of Missouri throughout the years. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident caused by the carelessness of another party or faulty fireworks, we may be able to assist you in pursuing compensation.

Contact our Kansas City fireworks-related injury lawyers immediately for a free consultation. Please contact us at 816-888-8888 when you are ready so we can assist you in protecting your rights.