Lawsuit against Hereford House Restaurant for Food Contamination

Updated: 6/7/2024

Hereford House Leawood (Kansas City Area)Peterson & Associates currently represents victims of alleged contamination of food by Jace Hanson with a lawsuit filed against Hereford House based on various claims including negligent hiring, training, and supervision of their employees. If you or a loved one consumed food prepared at Hereford House in Leawood between March 26 to April 25 and felt ill afterward, please contact us immediately so we can add your claim to the other affected victims.

Charges against Jace Christian Hanson of Kansas City

Jace Christian Hanson, former employee of Hereford House in LeawoodHereford House in Leawood, Kansas has recently been in the news due to serious allegations that an employee contaminated food using, among other things, bodily fluids. The alleged perpetrator, Jace Christian Hanson, has been charged criminally and is currently in the Johnson County Jail facing felony charges. The alleged contamination reportedly occurred between March 26 to April 25 of 2024. Victims of the food contamination describe various symptoms including:

  • Feeling extremely unwell
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea