Joint pain after a traffic accident creates multiple challenges in daily life, work, and physical activities. Paying for follow-up appointments and long-term treatments for complicated joint pain isn’t always affordable. You may not have to pay for these expenses yourself if the driver who hit you was at fault for the accident. All you have to do is ask a Kansas City car accident attorney about your legal options.

How Soft Tissue Injuries Contribute to Joint Pain After an Accident

There are several reasons joint pain happens after a car accident, but one primary contributing factor is soft tissue injuries, such as sprains or strains. Soft tissue injuries involve stretched or torn tissues that support the joints. This leads to pain, discomfort, and immobilization in the afflicted joint.


These impact the ligaments: strong connective tissues that attach two bones of a joint together. When ligaments become stretched or torn, a person may lose significant strength in the damaged joint. Severe sprains involve a complete tear in the ligament, something that often requires surgery to fix.


These involve damage to the muscles, tendons, or both. This type of soft tissue injury results in an inability to move the joint. Like sprains, severe tears to the muscles or tendons may require surgical repair. A medical intervention like this is expensive.

Most minor and moderate sprains and strains heal with time, thus stabilizing the joints and reducing pain. Doctors most often recommend cold pressure on an affected joint. Not using the joint for a certain period of time is vital for the damaged tissues to fully heal. Frequent elevation might also be recommended depending on the injury. Certain exercises might also be required to improve the mobility of the joint.

Post-Traumatic Arthritis After a Traffic Accident

Similar to soft tissue injuries, post-traumatic arthritis induces joint pain, stiffness, and immobility. While soft tissue injuries can heal within a few weeks, post-traumatic arthritis may take several months for recovery, because the underlying medical problem is inflammation. Medications and exercises are often used to treat it. However, more severe forms of post-traumatic arthritis may require surgery and physical therapy. These cases involve chronic joint pain that interferes with multiple areas of life. Typically, joint pain is deemed chronic when there’s no relief for longer than six months.

If the residual effects of your accident with a reckless driver involve these conditions, you’ll benefit from legal assistance with a personal injury claim. Proper compensation can help cover medical expenses, future treatment for accident-related injuries, and more.

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