accidentJust weeks before the Petersons' identical twins were born, the family's lives were changed forever.  They learned that their unborn daughter, Lauren, had a fatal heart condition--a hypoplastic right ventricle and pulmonary atresia. Her right ventricle was too small and she did not have a pulmonary valve.  Unless open heart surgery was performed shortly after her birth, Lauren would die.  Even surgery might not save her. 

Shortly after the diagnosis, the Petersons met with doctors from Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.  Her doctors believed her chances of surviving were slim.

Dr. Gowdamarajan, a CMH cardiologist, developed a treatment plan to try to save Lauren.  Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City became a haven for the Peteron family. Partnering with Dr. Hubbell and Dr. Lofland, all three doctors were able to provide the surgical and medical treatment to give Lauren the life she deserves.  Today, Lauren is graduating with a degree in architecture and moving on to obtain a masters degree in industrial design. 


Giving Back to the Kansas City Community

"We founded The Peterson Foundation, Inc. to support children throughout the Kansas City area—to affect positive change and help brighten childrens' future. Its mission is to help children in any way we can"  

— David & Krista Peterson



"Red Hot Night – Heart’s Desire"

Every year, Childrens Mercy Hospital hosts "The Red Hot Night – Heart’s Desire," a fundraising event for the hospital. David Peterson and Ryan Jackson of Peterson & Associates, P.C. donated the design, filming and production of the above 17 mintute video highlighting two former heart patients and their successes. The goal was to raise money for the surgery suite for Cardiac Surgery at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics.

Rob Riggle flew in from L.A. and emceed the event, which raised more than $600,000 in a single evening.   On top of this,  David and Krista donated an additional $25,000 to jump start the Fund-A-Need portion of the auction.   

The Peterson Foundation is a caring response to one family’s medical challenges. After being inspired by their children, the Petersons knew they wanted to do something to give back to the community. The foundation helps support children in need throughout the Kansas City area.

Our foundation has supported many different organizations and causes such as: 

  • Children’s Mercy Hospital 
  • Higher M-Pact
  • Reading Campaigns
  • Texting & Driving Education
  • Tornado Relief Funds

We are honored we had the chance to make a difference in such an incredible way.  If you would like to hear more about The Peterson Foundation and learn how you can get involved, please contact us for more information