A driver can become distracted in many different ways, such as putting on makeup, combing their hair, eating and drinking, or tending to children in the back seat. However, the most problematic distracted driving behavior by far is cell phone use while operating a vehicle. This behavior is the source of much debate, especially on how to keep all motorists safe. One option is to use cell phone blocking technology. Our knowledgeable car accident attorneys explain how it works and if it could help.

What Is Cell Phone Blocking Technology?

Usually referred to as a “distracted driving app”, the essential feature of cell phone blocking technology is to stop calls or texts from coming in while a person is behind the wheel. More advanced apps can reduce distracted driving even more by: 

  • Blocking audio features
  • Blocking internet access
  • Tracking vehicle speed and sudden stops
  • Tracking sudden stops

Even if you drive defensively, sharing the road with distracted drivers can significantly increase the risk of being involved in a severe crash. 

How Cell Phone Blocking Technology Can Help Keep Roads Safer

While the technology is a vital tool for parents of teen drivers and employers that have a vehicle fleet, cell phone blocking features can help every motorist create better driving habits. They might also help decrease the risks of distracted driving, such as:  

  • Reduced reaction time, such as avoiding obstacles and braking 
  • Lessened ability for spatial processing, especially at intersections
  • Overcorrection from missed turns, lane switching, and traffic signals

All it takes is three to four seconds of not looking at the road to cause a major life-threatening accident. Some studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Safety Administration indicate approximately 10–15 percent of all fatal accidents are caused by distracted driving. So knowing you don’t have access to certain features eliminates the temptation to reach for your phone while at a traffic light or stop sign. 

What About Emergency Situations?

You may be concerned about being blocked from making an emergency phone call to authorities, but these apps override the blocking feature when dialing 911, so you can rest assured you can get help while on the road when you need it.

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