Not everyone realizes how much brain injury symptoms impact driving and increase the chances of car accidents.Certain brain injuries heal within a few weeks or less, while others leave lifelong effects. Some of these long-term effects can impact driving in multiple ways. Being aware of how certain brain injuries impact driving might help people avoid future car accidents. However, if you were in a car accident due to your brain injury, you may want to ask a Kansas City car accident lawyer for advice.

Brain Injury Effects on Driving

Concussions are considered mild brain injuries that usually heal within a few days. Traumatic brain injuries in the moderate to severe range can leave behind impairments that last several months, years, or for life. Listening carefully to your doctor about what limitations you might be dealing with is essential for judging your ability to drive safely.

Not everyone realizes how much brain injury symptoms impact driving and increase the chances of car accidents. So many things are happening while driving that all it takes is one minor mistake to cause a major accident. Brain injuries can affect driving through problems with:

  • Vision
  • Reaction time
  • Judgment
  • Quick problem solving
  • Adapting to last-minute road changes
  • Coordination

Many of these impairments can add up to not being able to stay in the correct lane and other driving errors. Drivers with memory problems might experience confusion about where they are going. Certain brain injuries can even impact balance and depth perception, both of which can significantly disrupt safe driving.

The last thing many people want is to find themselves in a car accident with the possibility of more injuries. Car accidents may worsen existing brain injuries and result in additional medical complications. One of the best practices to take is to not drive if you have been warned not to or if you find yourself making mistakes more often than not.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Do not panic if you find yourself in a car accident as a result of a driving mistake caused by your brain injury. You have legal options. Talking with an experienced car accident lawyer can be enormously helpful.

A lawyer can help you assess the situation fully to find every legal option available, including whether the other driver was partially at fault. If this can be proven, you may gain some leverage in your case. An experienced lawyer can also help with paperwork, evidence collection, and defending your claim.

Many lawyers will take alternatives to avoid lengthy trials like mediation, negotiating a settlement, or arbitration. However, if your case could go to trial, you may want to contact a Kansas City car accident lawyer who can help.

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