Injuries sustained in auto accidents span the range of trauma. All of the most frequent Kansas City car accident injuries, from whiplash to fractures to shattered bones to paralysis, may qualify for compensation if caused by someone’s carelessness.

After an accident, it is imperative that you get medical attention. Even if you do not feel injured immediately, it is crucial to seek treatment.

Treatment is necessary for your health and well-being and to improve your Kansas City personal injury claim. When you seek compensation for the pain you had during and after an accident, your case will be strengthened if you obtain immediate medical attention and follow your doctor’s instructions. Thankfully, our Kansas City personal injury attorney will take care of the rest.

Throughout the duration of your claim or case, our Kansas City law firm will provide you with the legal assistance you need. Contact Peterson & Associates, P.C. immediately for a free evaluation of your case by a Kansas City auto accident attorney committed to assisting you.

Data on Kansas City Accidents

From I-435 to I-470 and beyond, the Kansas City police department has identified many accident hotspots throughout our state. In fact, according to Missouri authorities, there were more than 155,000 accidents in just one recent year. These incidents ultimately caused over 880 fatalities and almost 55,000 injuries.

Tragically, more automotive accidents occur in Kansas City than in any other Missouri city. In 2019, about 20,500 automobile collisions resulted in 79 fatalities and over 8,700 injuries.

Common Types of Car Wrecks

According to a 2016 study, there are roughly 980,359 registered vehicles in Kansas City. Of these, 976,261 are private and commercial automobiles, and 4,010 are government-owned vehicles.

As a result, the startling growth in the number of vehicles in Kansas City has increased auto accidents. It goes without saying that Kansas City vehicle accidents are a common occurrence.

The roadways in Kansas City are crowded and accident-prone. The majority of the time, these incidents occur due to driver irresponsibility or distracted driving on the road. But what are the most common types of these wrecks?

Rear-End Collisions in Kansas City

Rear-end collisions are one of the most frequent forms of automobile accidents in Kansas City. In 2019, 2.19 million rear-end collisions occurred in the United States. They were responsible for around 32% of all automobile accidents that year. In 2019, 2,346 people died in rear-end collisions. Moreover, close to 600,000 rear-end collisions resulted in injuries.

Rear-end collisions across the nation are often known as “fender benders.” However, this phrase minimizes the severity of injuries sustained in rear-end collisions. Rear-impact automobile accidents may result in long-term pain and injuries, not to mention irreversible disability, for accident victims.

Intersection Car Accidents

One of the most dangerous forms of crashes at intersections is caused by vehicles that disregard red lights, generally resulting in a T-bone collision. According to official data, 165,000 people are wounded or killed annually by vehicles that run red lights.

This includes drivers and passengers of other vehicles, as well as pedestrians, electric scooters, and bicycles. The most irritating aspect of running a red light is that the damage caused by this rule violation and the ensuing accident is absolutely avoidable.

Failure to Yield

In the same vein, when making a left turn at a junction, the vehicle performing the turn must yield to oncoming traffic unless a green left turn arrow is present. Many automobile accidents occur because the vehicle turning left does not have sufficient time to complete the turn and collides with oncoming traffic.

Missouri law defines giving the right of way in the context of junction left turns as “a motorist making a left turn is compelled to yield when an opposing vehicle is inside the intersection or is so near to the intersection that it poses an imminent danger.”

Pedestrian Crashes in Kansas City

Most of the mentioned statistics include automobile collisions involving pedestrians at junctions. Typically, people are hit in the crosswalk by vehicles proceeding straight through an intersection or by motorists who fail to glance before turning left or right beyond watching for oncoming traffic.

Bicycle riders and joggers are also more likely to be struck by a vehicle. Unfortunately, these accidents caused by negligence are too prevalent and often result in litigation to cover medical expenses and property damage.

In many situations involving intersections, the at-fault motorist will assert that they had a green light or green arrow; in certain instances, the victim’s word may be used against the at-fault driver. Accident reconstruction and witness investigation might be crucial to prevailing in such trials.

Accidents Caused by Vehicle Defects

Finally, blowouts, badly maintained engines, corroded exhaust systems, inexperience, and more are also among the numerous causes of automobile accidents. Thankfully, regular vehicle maintenance will help you prevent most of these issues.

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