There are three main types of driving distractions that can increase the chances of a car accident. Texting while driving is not the only driving distraction out there. Some people might find themselves surprised when they learn about the other more common forms of distracted driving. Reach out to a Kansas City auto accident lawyer if you were in a car accident with a distracted driver.

Three Types of Distracted Driving

The three main types of distracted driving are classified as visual, manual, and cognitive.

Visual Driving Distractions

Visual driving distractions are what take a driver’s eyes off the road and away from driving. Anything that requires the use of the eyes can do this. Common examples are texting, reading, searching for something in the car, and looking away from the road for too long.

Manual Driving Distractions

Manual driving distractions take the hands off the steering wheel. Texting fits this category in many cases, as does trying to grab something in the back seat, eating, drinking, adjusting things in the car, and anything else involving the hands. What can happen is the driver loses control of the steering wheel, panics, overcompensates, and causes a car accident.

Cognitive Driving Distractions

Cognitive driving distractions involve anything that distracts the mind. When the mind is distracted from driving, a driver can fail to notice obstacles or changes on the road. This might mean zoning out, talking or arguing with passengers, and sleep deprivation. Drowsy driving often fits this category.

What cognitive distractions like sleep deprivation can lead to is reduced reaction and response time. A driver might react too slowly to a change on the road and fail to avoid a collision. This may also involve failing to adequately check a blind spot before shifting lanes.

Steps to Take After a Distracted Driving Accident

There are important car accident steps to take that will increase your chances of compensation.

  • Make sure you are away from hazards and dangers like fires and oncoming traffic. Be careful when moving yourself or others because some injuries can worsen when moved the wrong way.
  • Call 911 if anyone is injured or property damages are severe. You will want a police report and medical attention. Failing to have yourself checked by paramedics could be a mistake if an injury is missed. Unnoticed injuries can worsen with time and might be harder to seek compensation for the longer the gap grows between the accident and the injury.
  • Do not apologize or admit fault to anyone. Consider explaining what happened to a Kansas City auto accident lawyer instead. A lawyer can guide you through the steps for collecting evidence and filing a car accident claim for compensation.
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