Not everyone realizes how many mistakes can hurt their car accident. There are several pitfalls—even saying certain things after an incident to law enforcement or an insurance adjuster can lead to problems, which might jeopardize your claim for injury compensation. Our Kansas City car accident lawyers offer these helpful tips. 

Car Accident Mistakes to Avoid

Certain actions can hurt your chances of receiving a settlement for injury expenses and vehicle damage. Some of the most common car accident mistakes involve failing to take action, such as:

  • Not calling 911
  • Not getting a copy of the police report
  • Letting the other driver leave without obtaining insurance and contact information
  • Deciding against medical attention immediately after the incident
  • Not collecting car accident evidence right away

Some of these might be unavoidable depending on the circumstances. For example, after a hit-and-run accident, the negligent driver leaves no opportunity to collect information. Or in minor situations, you might not think calling 911 is necessary. However, not calling 911 when there are significant property damages or injuries could lead to legal issues. This could hurt your car accident claim. Liability issues could arise if a person’s injuries worsen because 911 wasn’t called—some injuries can go undetected at first and may become problematic without treatment.

The longer you wait to seek medical help after an accident, the harder it will be to connect the accident to the injury. Similar problems can arise for drivers who start using their car after the accident before repairs are completed. Many auto insurance companies may see the use of your car before having your vehicle inspected by an adjuster as a problem.

Notably, accepting the first car accident settlement or taking a check from the driver could be the worst mistake. Doing this may prevent you from receiving the compensation you need.

How to Secure Car Accident Compensation

To establish a solid car accident claim, there are also some important steps to take right away. 

  • Collect evidence. This includes snapping photos of your injuries and vehicle damages to prove the extent of damages, and an attorney might need these for valuing your claim. 
  • Take notes. Detail what you remember about the accident, monitor your injury progress, conversations with your physicians, witness contact information, and other facts. 
  • Save all documentation. Anything related to the accident, be sure to keep it. This includes medical records, pay stubs, the police report, and so on. Also, keep receipts of car repairs, medications, and any other medical expenses. 

Additionally, working with an attorney dedicated to your case gives you peace of mind that while you focus on recovery, your legal team is taking care of everything else. So one of the best things you can do is seek out reliable counsel.

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