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Over 4 billion prescriptions are written each year in the US, earning pharmaceutical companies over $319 billion in revenues.1 Research suggests that 90% of all new drugs approved by the FDA in the past 30 years are little or no more effective for patients than existing drugs.2

All the while, pharmaceutical companies spend 19 times as much on marketing and advertising as they spend on basic research and development.3 The potential for the drugs to be dangerous is seen in the fact that pharmaceutical companies have shifted their focus from prospering patients to prospering themselves.

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What Does That Mean For Me?

Your doctor relies upon the warnings and research provided by the pharmaceutical companies when prescribing you a new medication. When that information is driven by a profit, it can minimize side effects and overestimate potential benefits. Your doctor can also prescribe a medication for “off-label” use or to treat a condition for which the drug has not been approved to treat.

Three quarters of all off-label pharmaceutical use is not supported by sound evidence or research and can compound the problems created by inadequately labeled medication.4

Injured By the Following Drug?

Do I Have a Claim?

Every patient is different and each case requires individual attention. Most often, a pharmaceutical company is held liable on the basis of defects, inadequate warnings, or misleading marketing. Pharmaceutical companies are legally responsible to ensure that their drugs are safe, meet FDA standards, and that they are effectively warning patients of any risks or side effects.

In addition, pharmaceutical companies have a continuing responsibility to revise their warnings as new research comes to light that might change whether your doctor prescribes a drug to you or not.

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