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The right medication can change a person’s life for the better; however, an error with that medication may cause serious injury, or even a lifelong disability. The good news is that the law grants those injured the opportunity to sue negligent health care providers for compensation.

Did a medication error cause you to suffer an injury? If so, Peterson & Associates, P.C.’s pharmaceutical error attorneys are here to advocate for you. With nearly 30 years of experience, we are fully prepared to dive headfirst into investigating your case. We will work with you to build a comprehensive claim so that you will have the best chance at recovering the compensation owed to you.

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Common Types of Medication Errors

There are many different types of pharmaceutical errors for which a health care provider may be held accountable, the most common of which fall into the following categories:

  • Prescription errors, such as prescribing the incorrect medication, mixing medications that should not be mixed, failing to warn of side effects, and failing to consider a patient’s medical history, known allergies, or underlying health conditions
  • Administration errors, such as giving the wrong medication or incorrectly filling a prescription
  • Dosage errors, such as administering a dose of a medication that is too high or too low

Most of the time, these pharmaceutical errors are rooted in a lack of qualified staff, inadequate training, poor communication, or plain old carelessness.

Proving Negligence in a Pharmaceutical Error Case

To be successful in your lawsuit, you will have to prove that the medication error was rooted in some type of medical negligenceIn the law’s eyes, this means proving three elements:

  • The health care provider had an established doctor-patient relationship with you, obliging them to follow a certain “standard of care”;
  • The health care provider breached this standard of care by deviating from medical industry standards, such as by failing to consider a known allergy; and
  • This breach left you injured and resulted in the accumulation of damages, such as extra medical expenses and time missed from work.

It is important to note that simply having a bad reaction to a medication does not warrant a claim on its own. You have to prove that the health care provider who prescribed you that medication either knew or should have known it may cause a bad reaction, either due to a known allergy or underlying condition.

How a Pharmaceutical Error Lawyer Can Help

Often, pharmacists and other health care providers are reluctant to come forward in regards to a pharmaceutical error. They may try to backtrack and cover up the error with a lie, attempting to use the patient’s lack of medical expertise as an advantage.

At Peterson & Associates, P.C., our trial lawyers will not allow negligent health care providers to get away with such coverups. We will work tirelessly to ensure that the truth is brought to light so that you can be compensated for your injuries.

Our approach involves in-depth investigation, aggressive advocacy, and honest, compassionate legal counsel. Further, we have extensive experience in holding negligent physicians, pharmacists, hospitals, and other medical institutions and their insurance providers accountable. When it comes to your case, we won’t settle for less!

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