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How Our Kansas City Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help

Our Kansas City slip and fall lawyer knows how serious slip and fall injuries can be. This type of accident can cause devastating consequences such as traumatic brain injuries, painful neck and spine trauma, torn ligaments, and in some cases, death.

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Common Causes of Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are often caused by:

  • Water Puddles
  • Ice
  • Debris on Walkways
  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Damage to Walkways
  • Poor Visibility

Who Is Liable for a Slip & Fall Injury?

The law maintains that public and private property owners are liable to provide a safe, secure, and maintained premises. 

Slip and fall liability is often determined by whether hazardous conditions on the property were permanent or temporary. In the case of permanent hazards, such as a broken handrail, property owners are typically held liable because the hazardous situation should have been remedied.

In the case of temporary hazards, such as an icy driveway, slip and fall liability often depends on whether the property owner had ample time to realize and remedy the situation. The victim’s status is also considered when determining liability.

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A person who visits a property can be classified in one of three ways:

  • Invitee: Someone who has been invited onto the premises by the landowner, such as a customer entering a place of business. Owners are obligated to practice reasonable care to maintain the safety of the property, including warning invitees of danger.
  • Licensee: A guest or party attendee is considered a licensee. Property owners don’t have a duty to inspect or fix defects but are responsible for warning of hazards they are aware of on the property.
  • Trespasser: Someone who sets foot on the property without permission. The owner has no liability for trespassers they do not know about, but if a trespasser is found, the property owner needs to inform them of any danger.

Comparative negligence is also considered when establishing slip and fall liability. This concerns your responsibility in the event of a fall compared to the responsibility of the owner of the property. The court will assign a liability percentage to each, which will determine the percentage of damages to be paid by each party.

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If you have experienced a slip and fall injury, you may be entitled to receive compensation for expenses related to your injury, such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. A Kansas City slip and fall lawyer can assist you with your claim and fight for the compensation you deserve. 

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