Medication Error LawyerIn 2006, the Institute of Medicine published a report called the “Prevention of Medication Errors” that outlined the individual and societal effects of medication errors. The report revealed that there are 1.5 million medication error events reported on an annual basis. Some of these are mildly uncomfortable—others are fatal. Fatality is more likely for those who are already weak or compromised in their health.

The same report found that up to 32% of these errors (or 480,000) were administration errors from medical staff. When the staff fails to exercise care according to a reasonable standard, your loved one will end up being harmed or injured. If that has happened to you, Peterson & Associates, P.C. is the firm you can depend on to fight against your loved one’s nursing home and protect your loved one from harm.

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What Causes Medical Administration Error

Nurses and nursing assistants are responsible for knowing the care procedure for each of their patients. Every nurse is taught the five “rights” of administering medication: the right patient, the right drug, the right time, the right dose, and the right route. When any of these is wrong, severe consequences can occur, and a nurse and his or her care facility are the only ones who are responsible.

If your loved one has fallen severely ill or their condition has worsened because of poor medical practice, you are entitled to seek damages against the long-term care facility that caused the issue. Some mistakes are inexcusable. Failing to care for your loved one due to lack of attention is one of them.

Why Peterson & Associates, P.C.?

Since 1993, Peterson & Associates, P.C. has served the people of Kansas City by making sure they receive financial security and closure when they have been treated unjustly.

To us, it is unacceptable when a professional’s negligence leads to another person’s harm or wrongful death.

It is even more unacceptable when that organization is not held accountable for their actions. That’s why we serve our clients with such power, passion, and dedication. Their lives, their voices, and their stories matter, and we make those who hurt our clients listen to their stories before a judge and jury.

Clients turn to Peterson & Associates, P.C. again and again because:

  • We have collected more than $500 million* for clients.
  • We’ve been selected for Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers® for over 15 years​.
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  • We do not receive a fee unless our clients’ cases are won.

More than making them listen to our stories, our legal work helps make sure that our clients are taken care of—for medical costs, emotional pain, and lost quality of life. Whatever pain or damage your nursing home has caused your loved one, we can fight to make them provide the financial support you need to take care of your loved one for the rest of their lives.