Nursing HomesWhen nursing home facilities take on too many patients without hiring new or qualified staff, residents begin falling through the cracks. This can mean that residents with adult diapers or incontinence are neglected for long periods of time, patients with bedsores or wounds are not cleaned or attended to properly, or residents’ clothing is not replaced and laundered often.

Does it seem like your loved one’s nursing home isn’t doing everything it can to keep your loved one clean and hygienic? If you notice that the shower and bathroom facilities aren’t clean, that your loved one’s clothing seems worn or stained, or if there’s a severe odor in the nursing home, that’s not normal. Nor is it safe. Hygiene has been a crucial component of healthcare for decades—there’s no excuse for neglecting it.

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Why Hygiene Matters in Nursing Homes

There are two reasons that hygiene is crucial in nursing homes.

1. Long-term care facilities house patients who are medically compromised or vulnerable. When an environment is used to neglecting its hygiene, bacteria can begin to thrive. This can lead to a higher occurrence of bacterial infection, which can be fatal in elderly and vulnerable populations. It is unacceptable for a care facility to be less than spotless.

2. Your loved one deserves dignity. They have a right to dignified care, something that many nursing homes may already struggle with by nature of their work. When resident seniors are forced to sit in filthy or unhygienic conditions for hours at a time, it isn’t just medically risky—it is personally traumatizing. It leads to emotional withdrawal, to a damaged and shrunken sense of self-esteem. Your loved one has a right to better.

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At our firm, we understand the sorrow and guilt families feel when they have inadvertently placed their loved one in an abusive or neglectful care facility. Remember, it is not your fault—you can still do something about it.

Poor nursing home hygiene is not just bad practice, it’s grounds for a lawsuit. Let our attorneys fight for your loved one’s right to dignity and high-quality care.

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