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Dram Shop Laws In Missouri

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Imagine this: You’re driving down the road when suddenly, another car collides with you, crashing into your vehicle. You may be hurt, but when you approach the other driver to exchange information, you smell a heavy presence of alcohol on their breath.

Unfortunately, this is a situation that happens to countless individuals each year. Drunk driving accidents are some of the most serious, leaving individuals with catastrophic injuries they must deal with for a long time.

When it comes to civil legal matters, drunk drivers should be held financially accountable for the damages they cause. However, not many people know that in Missouri, there may be another at fault party in drunk driving accidents.

Holding Establishments & Social Hosts Accountable

What many people aren’t aware of is that there are laws in Missouri that may allow victims of drunk driving accidents to hold social hosts or establishments such as bars and restaurants accountable when they suffer significant injuries. There must be a few factors in place:

  • If it is a bar or other establishment, it must be shown that the businesses was responsible for serving a person who was already visibly intoxicated or that the person was a minor and allowed them to leave and drive. This contribution may be considered negligence if an accident occurs and an injured party may be able to take action against the bar or establishment.
  • For social hosts, the case is similar: If a social hosts continues to serve alcohol to an already visibly intoxicated person or minor and allows them to leave and drive, the social host may be held accountable for the injuries sustained in an accident.

It’s important to note that these types of lawsuits are considered additional to the case against the drunk driver.

Our Kansas City drunk driving accident attorneys at Peterson & Associates understand dram shop law and the many ways to navigate these types of claims. If you’ve been hurt in a drunk driving accident, our team may be able to help you explore your options and determine who may be held accountable.

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