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Ways to Identify a Drunk Driver on the Road

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When you want to drive on the road, you expect to get wherever you’re going safe and sound. You take precautionary measures, understand how to drive in a defensive manner, and try to stay away from areas that may be considered dangerous.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to prevent everything as some people make the decision to drive while impaired by alcohol. Drunk drivers are all over the road, and the only way to potentially prevent an accident is to recognize the signs and avoid the driver completely.

Watch for Drivers Swerving

If you notice a driver swerving in between lanes, it could mean one of a few different things. For instance, it could mean the driver is fatigued and falling asleep at the wheel, they’re distracted by their phone, or they are drunk and their decision making is impaired.

Swerving between lanes is a clear sign that someone has something wrong and they should be considered dangerous.

Slowing Down and Speeding Up

You may recognize a driver speeding up and then slowing down at an inconsistent rate. If the change in speed is dramatic, it could mean that something is wrong with the driver. When a driver is drunk, it may cause them to black out at times, which could be the cause of the slow down.

Lack of Headlights at Night

Unfortunately, part of an individual being intoxicated is they may forget to do simple tasks. For instance, a drunk driver may forget to put the headlights on at night. This may not always indicate a drunk driver, but it can—along with the other signs—show a potential drunk driver.

It’s important that if you recognize any of these potential signs of a drunk driver that you stay away from the driver and report them to the local authorities. You don’t want to try and pass them or get too close to them. Instead, stay back and let the authorities know the location and direction in which they’re heading.

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