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Who Is Liable When a Defective Medical Product Causes Harm?

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What do you do when you, or someone you love, experiences the impacts of a defective medical device? You’ve already gone through enough and you were hoping that the device prescribed to you would help you get better.

Unfortunately, defective medical devices are far too common and individuals are hurt more often than they should be. When this happens, it’s important to understand what legal action can be taken and who may be considered liable for the damages.

When the Manufacturer Is Responsible

In nearly all matters of defective medical devices, the manufacturer has some kind of responsibility and is most likely held at least party liable for the actions that caused significant injuries. This may be due to manufacturing error, design defects, or a failure to warn.

The manufacturer may also be liable when they take steps to bypass the Food and Drug Administration testing process in order to get their device on the market sooner.

When the Doctor Is Responsible

There are various instances in which a doctor can be responsible for injuries caused by a defective medical device. For instance, if the doctor knows of the dangers involved with the medical device, but fails to explain to the patient and still prescribes the defective device, the doctor can be held liable.

When a Medical Facility Is Responsible

Much like sellers and distributors, a medical facility can be held liable should they allow the use of the defective medical device in their hospital without explaining the potential risks to the patients. This means they knowingly allowed a dangerous item to be used in various procedures and potentially put patients at serious risk.

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