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Which Medical Devices are Most Commonly Defective?

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For years, people have expected that they can get fair treatment from medical facilities and that they’d walk away from a situation feeling better than before. With modern advances and technologies, medical devices should be the way that many people treat specific injuries and conditions they’re experiencing.

While there are many good and effective medical devices on the market, some others, unfortunately, have a history of being defective. When this happens, the patient using the device can sustain significant injuries, requiring even more medical attention.

It’s important to understand which devices are most commonly defective and what individuals can do moving forward.

Defective Medical Devices Currently Under Investigation

When it comes to medical devices, they have to be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration before reaching the public. Unfortunately, manufacturers often take shortcuts to avoid the long and strenuous approval process, which means some devices make it to market with risks still intact.

This may lead to recalls and potential investigations to determine whether or not the medical device was defective and caused serious harm to one or multiple patients. These are the defective medical devices that have been or are currently under investigation.

  • Power morcellators
  • Zimmer knee implants
  • Transvaginal mesh
  • Medical lasers
  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Metal-on-metal hip replacements
  • Arterial stents
  • IVC filters
  • Ultrasound devices
  • DePuy hip implants and knee replacements
  • Bair hugger blanket

The biggest issues regarding these medical devices is the fact that they are supposed to help conditions that individuals have. They often do the complete opposite, presenting a number of short and long-term issues.

At Peterson & Associates, we aim to hold manufacturers accountable when their actions cause serious injuries to patients. We take these matters very seriously and want to help if you’ve been harmed because of a serious problem involving a defective medical device.

Our Kansas City defective medical device lawyers are dedicated to your rights. We stand in your corner every step of the way, focusing on your best interests and helping you seek compensation for the damages you have sustained.

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