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What Is a DePuy Knee Replacement and Why Should You Be Careful?

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For years, there have been millions of individuals who have relied on certain medical devices to help improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, many of these items used are not as safe as they should be and those patients who received the implants have experienced serious harm.

One of the potentially dangerous medical devices on the market is DePuy brand knee replacements. Many individuals have had these replacements prescribed when they suffer from soft tissue or bone issues in their knees. However, it’s increasingly important for individuals to know more about these devices, as well as some of the dangers associated with its use.

More About DePuy Knee Replacements

The device is manufactured by the DePuy Orthopaedics segment of Johnson & Johnson. It’s supposed to be implanted along the femur of the patient during knee reconstruction surgery. The promise of the company was for patients to experience an improved lifestyle.

There are numerous types of products released by the company to help patients, but many of them have been associated with potential dangers that have resulted in serious harm for patients.

The Risks of Using DePuy Knee Replacements

Unfortunately, there have been countless reports of side effects associated with these knee implants and there have been numerous long-term issues experienced by those with the implants. For instance, some individuals have sustained infections as a result of the knee replacement.

Others have experienced loss of limbs, inability to use the limbs affected, stiffness, and even decreased range of motion and ability to walk. In some situations, the implant has loosened, resulting in need for further medical procedures to repair the issue.

Revision and repair surgery is not uncommon as many individuals have to undergo significant procedures to ensure that the knee implant is not only working well, but continues to work well. If adverse reactions are present, the patient may need even further care.

Our Kansas City defective medical device lawyers at Peterson & Associates are well aware of all the dangers associated with these products. We know how important it is for these individuals to be completely safe and get the help to improve their quality of life.

You trusted these devices to help you, not hurt you. When you need legal guidance, trust that we’re here for you every step of the way.

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