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Why Is Drowsy Driving Dangerous?

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Driving while sleep-deprived can often be as dangerous or more dangerous than driving while texting. The more tired you are, the higher your chances of experiencing a car accident. Sleep deprivation can significantly impair multiple driving abilities, leaving much more room for error. However, if you suffered injuries from a drowsy driver, you might be able to sue. Talk to a Kansas City car accident lawyer to learn more.

How Sleep Deprivation Makes Driving Dangerous

You may have already heard that sleep deprivation can make driving dangerous because of the chances of falling asleep at the wheel. However, sleep deprivation can make driving hazardous even when you are not falling asleep while driving. The dangers of drowsy driving come from how a lack of sleep hinders driving skills.

The ability to pay attention and respond in time to changing environments during driving is decreased with less sleep. Major sleep deprivation or drowsiness can decrease reaction time, meaning the driver may not react in time to avoid a hazard or collision. Some research has even found that the effects of sleep deprivation are similar to the effects of being drunk.

Sleep deprivation is not the only cause of drowsy driving. Certain prescription medications and illicit drugs can make people drowsy. This is why some medication labels tell people not to drive while using the drug. Driving late at night after a long day can have similar effects of drowsiness.

It is no surprise that those who work night shifts or drive long hours for work are more prone to drowsy driving accidents. The best thing you can do to avoid one of these accidents is to maintain a distance from swerving vehicles at night.

Consequences of Drowsy Driving

Around 697 deaths were caused by drowsy driving accidents in 2019, resulting in tragic consequences for loved ones. Those who survive drowsy driving accidents are often left with severe injuries and expensive medical bills. In 2017 alone, nearly 50,000 people suffered injuries from drowsy driving accidents.

If you find yourself on the other end of a drowsy driving accident, you might find yourself overwhelmed with medical expenses and lost wages from missed work. Depending on how severe your injuries are, you may also be dealing with lifelong disabilities or chronic pain. These outcomes can drastically change your life.

The good news is you might be able to sue for compensation if you have enough evidence. Consider contacting a Kansas City car accident lawyer to see what this requires. A lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against the drowsy driver who hit you. You might then gain access to additional compensation.

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