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Are You Having Back Pain After a Car Accident?

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Some people think back pain is normal after a car accident. However, this may not be normal if the pain continues or worsens days after the accident. This could be a sign of a deeper problem that may cause various other problems. Chronic back pain can be challenging to live with, not only from the stress but also because of how much the pain can hinder work performance. If your back pain was caused by a reckless driver, consider asking a Kansas City car accident attorney for help.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain after a car accident can happen for a number of reasons. For one, the violent motions of a car accident can put significant strain on the back. Temporary back pain may go away on its own, but back injuries can continue for days after the accident.

Back injuries usually last several weeks. Pain levels often do not decrease with rest. The pain can spread to the legs and even below the knees. Some people also experience weakness and reduced movement in the back and legs depending on the type of back injury.

The most common types of back injuries caused by trauma include:

  • Ruptured spinal discsAre You Having Back Pain After a Car Accident?
  • Muscle and ligament strains
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Fractured vertebrae

Some of these injuries can overlap which can make it hard to figure out the type of injury you have. Ruptured disc injuries happen when the soft disc-shaped cushions between the spinal vertebrae become ruptured. This makes the vertebrae rub against each other and the nerves in the back.

Fractured vertebrae can sometimes cause spinal cord injuries depending on the severity. It is best to see your doctor immediately if you have unusual back pain. Not treating something like fractured vertebrae could lead to permanent paralysis.

Can I Sue for Back Pain After an Accident?

This is where things become tricky. You may not be able to sue for back pain itself if the back pain was pre-existing before the car accident. A car accident lawsuit can only be used for injuries caused directly by the car accident. Any pre-existing medical conditions are not likely to be compensated for.

Suing for a back injury that arose because of the car accident is possible. This requires collecting evidence of your injury through medical records. The police report will help connect the back injury to the accident. Damages that are awarded depend on the severity of the back injury and may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages

Consider contacting a Kansas City auto accident lawyer to see what evidence you will need to prove negligence. You will not be able to receive compensation unless you establish that the other driver was at fault.

Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer

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