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Do I Need a Police Report for My Car Accident Claim?

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Many people wonder if they need a police report for their car accident claim. A police report is one piece of evidence that can increase your chances of compensation. Not only does the police report back up your claim, but this report also provides details about the accident. Feel free to ask a Kansas City auto accident lawyer for advice if you have any questions.

Do I Need a Police Report?

Some states require the police to be called to the car accident scene if certain conditions are met. The most common conditions are if anyone was injured, deaths occurred, or property damages were Do I Need a Police Report for My Car Accident Claim?severe. Calling the police to come to a car accident scene in most other cases is optional.

However, not calling the police to the car accident scene could delay the police report process. Knowing how a police report can help with your car accident claim might help you decide whether to call the police to the accident scene. Even drivers in minor car accidents could benefit from filing a police report.

For one, many auto insurance companies require a police report to be submitted with the car accident claim. Insurance agents consider police reports to be a form of evidence that supports details about the accident. They will compare the details from the police report to your statements, statements from others, and other evidence.

A police report can significantly strengthen the evidence for your car accident claim and increase your chances of compensation. Not only that, but the police officer generating the report might list more details about damages to your vehicle and what happened. This provides more information for the insurance agent to calculate your compensation.

Not only that, but the police report will help you defend yourself if the other driver makes false claims. An insurance agent is more likely to believe what the police report says than what the other driver says. Overall, a police report tends to make the car accident claims process faster.

Other Car Accident Steps to Take

Filing a police report is not the only car accident step you can take. There are several other car accident steps that can increase your chances of a successful accident claim. When talking with the police during the reporting process, be careful not to admit or imply fault in yourself. This means no apologizing or inferring guilt.

Collect as much additional evidence of the accident as you can through pictures, videos, and documents. Obtain copies of your medical records, bill statements, and receipts associated with the accident. Do not leave the accident scene without the other driver’s basic contact and auto insurance information.

Try contacting a Kansas City car accident lawyer to find out what other steps you can take.

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