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Filing a Lawsuit After an Amtrak Train Accident

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Personal injury cases against Amtrak and other similar railway firms are among the most difficult forms of litigation. Similar to transportation accidents, there are often several parties to examine for fault. In addition, the injuries are generally serious, necessitating quick financial assistance to cover medical expenses.

From the apparent inability to adhere to tight safety regulations to the recent accident in Missouri, which left four dead, it’s clear that there are concerns regarding Amtrak and these large railway firms.

Amtrak Lawsuits in Recent Years

Filing a Lawsuit After an Amtrak Train AccidentTrain derailments and collisions have happened with worrying frequency in recent years, resulting in an increase in the rate of litigation involving amtrak. A number of these have resulted in catastrophic losses.

What’s more, the number and severity of these collisions are all too prevalent, raising doubts about Amtrak’s commitment to safety. The courts have often agreed with victims and their families in cases alleging that their losses might have been avoided.

For instance, in the latest Amtrak crash occurring in Menden, Missouri, an Iowa couple is the latest to sue, alleging that Amtrak overbooked the train, resulting in overcrowding. The plaintiffs say that not only were all seats occupied but also that Amtrak permitted so much baggage to be carried on board the train that the designated luggage car could not accommodate it all. Amtrak then put the surplus luggage in the passenger car lounges.

The complaint additionally alleges that passengers due to make a connection in Kansas City were instructed to remain on the train, further stating that numerous people attempted to exit the train but were denied permission.

Accidents on Amtrak Raise Safety Concerns

Poor safety culture at Amtrak has been the focus of complaints filed against the train operator for years now. Despite having access to government funds, many say they fail to implement rigorous safety requirements and engineer training.

For instance, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) blamed inadequate supervision for a 2016 Amtrak disaster in Philadelphia that resulted in the deaths of two personnel. The NTSB determined that Amtrak personnel at the incident scene lacked the necessary safety equipment to divert trains around track maintenance.

The board then discovered a total of twenty safety violations. Similarly, the NTSB convened a hearing following a 2017 accident in Washington, which was also caused by human error. The engineer of the train said that he failed to see the wayside signal at the location of the crash.

Claims For Amtrak Crashes & Derailments

This absence of safety standards has resulted in the loss of innocent lives and several high-profile cases.

In fact, Amtrak derailment cases have led to multimillion-dollar payouts, and recent Amtrak accidents have prompted several lawsuits. In the 2015 Philadelphia disaster mentioned previously, the train operator was responsible for the deaths of eight individuals, leading Amtrak to say that it will not contest claims for damages like medical expenditures.

However, the compensation pool is limited by federal law to $295 million. This is the outcome of a 1997 congressional rule known as the Amtrak Reform and Accountability Act, which initially restricted the settlement that victims could get in the event of an Amtrak accident to $200 million. In 2015, the sum was increased to $295 million.

Kansas City Train Accident Attorney

It goes without saying that a train collision may be catastrophic for everyone concerned. Sadly, victims of such incidents often have life-threatening injuries or die from their injuries. If you were wounded or lost a loved one in a train accident, you may be entitled to seek compensation.

In addition, quickly calling a Kansas City train accident attorney might be the decisive factor in obtaining the justice you deserve.

If a railway disaster has had a substantial and devastating effect on your life, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. For additional information about filing a claim, please contact the Kansas City train accident lawyers at Peterson & Associates, P.A.

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