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      What Our Clients Are Saying

      We are proud to establish long standing relationships with our clients and we pride ourselves on offering quality, personalized, confident representation to all of our clients.

      Team did a great job resolving my injury case

      - Daniel G.

      They were instrumental in saving my life.

      - Kathy

      I’m a witness to how wonderful they are as a law firm.

      - Larry

      Peterson & Associates, P.C. heard me and made sure I was not taken advantage of.

      - Lee

      I would definitely recommend Peterson & Associates

      - Leesa

      They get the job done

      - Theresa

      Choosing Our Team

      Many people that have been injured in car accidents are unsure of where to start with a legal claim. Our team of highly trained lawyers can help to review the details of your crash and guide you through the process. Below, learn more about the attorneys at Peterson & Associates, P.C., their results, and contingency fees.