First Steps After An 18-Wheeler Accident in Kansas CityAccidents with 18-wheelers can leave behind massive damages and expenses. If the other driver was even partially at fault, you could be eligible for compensation. The hardest part is proving the percentage of fault—something that determines how much compensation you could be offered. Talk to a Kansas City car accident lawyer to find out more.

First Steps After An 18-Wheeler Accident

The most important first steps after a truck accident revolve around safety, avoiding mistakes, and evidence. In the aftermath of a massive accident with an 18-wheeler, a variety of hazards can pose harm to others. Fires, oncoming traffic, twisted metal, and shattered glass could also result in worse injuries.

Injuries to the spine, bone fractures, and severe injuries may worsen by moving the wrong way. The best safety steps to take are to move away from traffic, move cautiously or remain in place depending on the injury, and call 911. Drivers are expected to call 911 if anyone is injured in the accident.

Call 911

Not calling 911 is a mistake to avoid because this could lead to legal problems, as can leaving without collecting basic contact and auto insurance information from the other driver. Without this information, a driver may not be able to obtain compensation for damages suffered from the accident.

Don't Talk or Admit Guilt

Another common mistake is talking too much about the accident with others. This could lead to unintentionally admitting fault or implying guilt for the accident. All it takes is a misinterpretation of what you said to be used against your accident claim. Not collecting any evidence at the accident scene is a mistake that could also hinder your claim.

Collect Evidence

The more evidence you can collect at the accident scene, the better. Do this by taking pictures, writing down what happened, and writing down witness statements. Collecting evidence after the accident also includes obtaining medical records, a police report, and other relevant documents.

How Car Accident Fault Works in Missouri

Since Missouri is a pure comparative fault state, this means each driver can be assigned a percentage of fault. Unlike some states, this also means that drivers can collect compensation no matter how at fault either driver was. The amount of compensation is determined by the percentage of fault.

Higher percentages of fault mean less compensation for that driver. This makes proving negligence important for obtaining compensation for any damages you suffered. Negligence means the other driver acted recklessly or failed to act. With truck accidents, a failure to act might look like failing to yield to traffic. Driving recklessly might mean speeding, running lights, or driving dangerously.

Try contacting a Kansas City truck accident lawyer if you suffered damages from an 18-wheeler accident and have questions about compensation.

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