Going through a car accident is often chaotic and sometimes traumatic. Thinking clearly about what steps to take and what mistakes to avoid becomes difficult. Being aware of some of the most common mistakes people make after car accidents might help you avoid them yourself. You can also talk to an experienced Kansas City car accident attorney who can help you navigate through your car accident claim.

Top Car Accident Mistakes

The most common car accident mistakes revolve around failing to take certain steps and saying too much. Not only can too much be said to the auto insurance company but also to anyone at the accident scene. Apologizing is often a natural response after a major accident. However, one apology is all it takes to hurt your chances of compensation. Here are other mistakes to avoid:

Admitting Fault

Be careful about admitting fault, implying guilt, or apologizing to the other driver, passengers, witnesses, and auto insurance agents. Your words can be twisted and used against you as an admission of fault. This could prevent you from receiving compensation for the car accident damages you suffered.

Failing to Get a Police Report

Failing to take certain actions like calling 911 could lead to legal problems in certain states. If anyone is injured or property damages are severe, call 911 for paramedics and police. Most auto insurance companies require a copy of the police report for your car accident claim to be processed.

Failing to Get Medical Attention

Not checking yourself for injuries can also backfire. Some car accident injuries go unnoticed, and medical attention is delayed. Without treatment, the injuries worsen, and the person sees their doctor, but too much time may have passed between the car accident and when you sought medical help. Insurance agents might use this against you.

Failing to Collect Evidence

Neglecting to collect car accident evidence with pictures and documentation can also hurt your claim.

Vital Steps to Take After a Car Accident

There are several vital car accident steps to take that will significantly increase your chances of compensation.

  • Move away from danger such as fires or oncoming traffic.
  • Always call 911 if anyone is injured, and get checked for injuries.
  • Collect evidence by taking pictures of damages, including your injuries.
  • Obtain copies of the police report, your medical records, and receipts for costs related to the accident.
  • Be sure to include copies of your paystubs and car repair bills if these were other monetary losses you suffered.
  • Do not leave the scene of the accident without obtaining the other driver’s basic contact and insurance information.
  • Contact a Kansas City car accident lawyer for advice. A lawyer could save you so much time by guiding your claim in the right direction.
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