Car accidents can cause not only major injuries but also serious financial problems for individuals who are unprepared. The expenses of a car accident in Missouri add up fast—medical bills, car repair costs, damages to your belongings, lost wages if you were out of work for recovery…the list is extensive. Paying for all this yourself isn’t the best option—especially when another party’s negligence can be proven, and they can be held responsible. 

So it’s crucial to gather evidence for your car accident claim. Some information you can collect yourself. It might also be necessary to partner with a knowledgeable Kansas City car accident attorney who can strategize on additional aspects of your case and request even more evidence that supports your claim.

Car Accident Evidence You Must Have

Preserving evidence for your accident claim starts shortly after the accident. Granted, the nature of your injuries dictates a lot of what you can do, but hopefully, with the help of another person or even law enforcement, you can make sure to have the following: 

  • The other driver’s basic contact, auto insurance, and car model information
  • Details as to what led to the accident
  • The date, time, and location of the accident
  • Any names of witnesses and their statements

The attending officer will likely add much of this information to a police report, so make sure to get a copy for your records, and review it for accuracy. If it’s going to be used as evidence in your claim, make sure it’s free of errors or get them corrected quickly before submitting it.  

Additionally, if you or someone else can take pictures of your injuries, vehicle damage, and the accident scene, this type of physical evidence is pretty hard to refute. 

Other documentation to keep as evidence includes:

  • All medical records and expense statements, including aspects such as emergency transportation from the accident scene, medications, and any assistive devices
  • Vehicle repair bills and rental car or ride-share expenses
  • Pay stubs and PTO or vacation time records

 Car Accident Evidence Your Attorney Might Collect

When you choose to work with a skilled car accident attorney, your legal team puts in a lot of work to investigate the case and fight for your rights. As they build your claim, they may find it necessary to seek out other types of evidence, such as: 

  • Security camera footage that shows the accident scene
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Details of the negligent driver’s previous offenses
  • Accident analysis from expert witnesses

Whatever your attorney considers essential to prove your damages and secure a just settlement, you can be sure they’ll find a way to get it.

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