Our nation celebrates every July with major fireworks shows, but several other events throughout the year often call for the use of pyrotechnics. No matter the occasion, this engaging activity produces a breathtaking twilight view.

However, what happens in the event that a fireworks display or show fails? Someone might suffer serious injuries as a result. When it comes to incidents caused by fireworks, it is vital to first determine liability. Here are just a few examples and situations showing how fault might vary depending on the circumstances around a fireworks accident.

Who’s Responsible for Fireworks Accidents?

Entities that manufacture fireworks are responsible for producing consumer-safe products. Each explosive in fireworks should be made with care to avoid premature explosions. If a flaw in these pyrotechnics causes injury, the manufacturer may be held responsible.

Moreover, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, only certified pyrotechnicians can purchase and use professional-grade fireworks. In other words, the fireworks you might see used at your backyard or neighborhood party will be of lesser quality due to their less-stringent preparation and creation. However, if certain sorts of substandard fireworks have caused damage or injury, the dealer who sold them may be held responsible.

Liability Involved in Fireworks Accidents

Another type of possible liability involved in firework accidents can include that of legal guardians or parents. Guardians must supervise any circumstance involving the usage of fireworks. Accidents between children and pyrotechnics may result in severe or deadly injuries. Even in the event that a parent is not paying attention or is simply distracted during an accident affecting their child, they may still be held liable. When flammable objects such as fireworks are being used in the area, it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure the safety of minors.

Accidental Fireworks Discharge in Public

On Independence Day, several outdoor celebrations culminate with vibrant displays of fireworks at night. Behind the scene, the events’ organizers are accountable for guaranteeing all guests’ safety. In addition, the public entity overseeing the event may be held liable if the release method on the fireworks does not go as planned, resulting in injury to event participants.

Lastly, if someone tries to ignite fireworks and fails to properly follow the instructions, debris may be shot in the wrong direction. Thus, the individual responsible for igniting the fireworks could be held liable for any injuries to victims that occur in the area of the discharge zone since these powerful explosives are capable of seriously harming or otherwise impacting those in a crowd.

Obtain Legal Representation

With the arrival of summer, along with higher temperatures and outdoor festivities, the danger of catastrophic consequences from setting off fireworks also increases.

Throughout the years, our competent, well-versed team at Peterson & Associates, P.C. has represented individuals who were wounded in these incidents in Kansas City, Missouri, as well as the surrounding areas. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in an accident caused by another party’s negligence or defective pyrotechnics, we may be able to help you in obtaining compensation.

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