Dealing with the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident can be frustrating. You may struggle to submit all the information the auto insurance company requests. If the driver sped off, you’re also wondering how to obtain vital information like their name, driver’s license, and insurance details. These and other complications make many people feel defeated, but you don’t have to be. Talk with a knowledgeable Kansas City hit-and-run accident attorney about your situation and see what can be done.

Steps to Take After a Hit-and-Run Accident

Hit-and-run accidents impact people in several ways. Not only do you not have the driver’s name and insurance, but since they fled the scene, you probably don’t have any pictures of the full accident scene, either. Or maybe someone hit your parked car and sped away. If a note wasn’t left for you, there’s nothing to base your accident claim on, and it’s difficult to even know exactly what happened, but the damage has been done. 

It might seem hopeless, but there are a few steps to take after a hit-and-run that could help: 

  • Call 911. First, if you were in the vehicle at the time of the accident, no matter how minor your injuries might seem, always seek medical attention from emergency personnel, and begin saving all medical records and expense statements for your future claim. Second, calling law enforcement to the scene means they’ll assess the situation and record it in a police report. Whatever details you can provide them supports your accident claim, even if you only caught a glimpse of the driver’s face or vehicle.  
  • Scan for witnesses. It’s possible eyewitnesses may have caught a crucial detail for your claim, such as a license plate number.
  • Check security cameras. You might catch a bit of a break if the footage captured the driver’s identity or vehicle make, model, and license plate. But you still have to go through the process of requesting this information, which can be complicated and may require assistance from a car accident attorney.   

How to Defend Your Car Accident Claim

At first, it might seem impossible to file a hit-and-run accident claim due to a lack of evidence, especially when you’re requesting compensation from your insurance provider. Gather as many details as possible to support your request, then ask to speak to a higher member of management within the company to explain the situation. 

If this fails, you can file a complaint and try mediation. Unfortunately, some insurance companies refuse to cooperate in any negotiations like this. When this happens, you may have to contact a Kansas City accident lawyer to look into filing a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit involves collecting evidence and proving the other driver, no matter how elusive, was at fault for your injuries. An experienced legal team has various strategies to help your case.

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