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Toy Safety During the Holidays

Categorized as Defective Products, Personal Injury

As you are doing your last minute Christmas shopping, make sure that your favorite children receive safe toys that will not endanger them.

Each year, thousands of toys are recalled after a dangerous defect is discovered.

Parents that are worried about purchasing a new toy that is dangerous should check the most recent federal toy recall website to do research before investing money in dangerous toys.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission routinely announces and reviews dangerous children’s toys. The website even provides parents with an option to sign up for safety alerts that tell parents about the latest recalled products that affect children.

Dangerous Toys During Holiday Parties

Dangerous toys during the holidays are everywhere. Parents need to be concerned about the toys that their children will be exposed to when visiting other people’s homes and during extracurricular activities.

Parents should:

  • Throw away deflated and popped balloons
  • Ensure kids have helmets in bouncing houses and on slides
  • Closely monitor the use of magnets

Holiday parties can be very fun, and if parents closely monitor their children’s activities, they can also be very safe.

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