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Why Use an Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Case?

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Personal injury cases often involve complex medical or scientific facts that are beyond the average layperson’s ability to analyze. In these cases, expert witnesses are often brought in to provide greater credibility to a claim. Expert witnesses provide valuable knowledge which can help you build a strong personal injury case. Their professional experience and specific education are sought out by plaintiffs and their attorneys to assist with certain aspects of a claim.

Are There Different Types of Expert Witnesses?

Depending on the nature of your personal injury case, your attorney may advise you to use an expert witness with a specific specialty or knowledge. You may consult with:

  • Accident reconstructionist – They may use models and illustrations to show the court how your accident occurred.
  • Department of Transportation specialist – Their knowledge can assist you in proving roadway issues were the cause of your automobile accident. This expert testimony will assist your attorney in proving that the county, city, or state was liable for your accident.
  • Life care planner – They can assist your attorney in quantifying your present medical expenses as well as those which may arise in the future due to the life-long implications of your personal injury. A life care planner’s expert testimony will help to ensure that the compensation you receive adequately reflects the long-term expenses associated with your injury.
  • Economist – They can assist your attorney in quantifying the amount of future lost wages related to your personal injury, if you are unable to work as a result.

How Do I Find an Expert Witness?

Our personal injury law firm has developed relationships with experts in a variety of fields. Upon reviewing your personal injury claim, we may suggest utilizing an expert to provide testimony to strengthen your case. If an expert is necessary, our attorneys will arrange for them to provide testimony for your personal injury case.

If you have questions about how using expert witnesses can strengthen your personal injury claim, contact Peterson & Associates today.