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How Does Drinking Cause Impairment: What the Driver Sees

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Countless individuals go to bars or parties at night or on the weekend and drink. While in moderation it may not cause significant problems, even the slightest amount of alcohol can cause small impairments. The more alcohol consumed, the more the individual can become impaired.

While it isn’t a problem to simply drink, the decision to excessively drink and drive is illegal. Not only that, it is an unnecessary danger to all other individuals on the road because of the impairment caused by drinking.

But how does alcohol cause impairment? What is it exactly that the driver sees when they are impaired? Here are some things you may want to know about drunk driving and potential accidents caused.

Alcohol and Impairment

When a person drinks, they are consuming what is technically called ethyl alcohol after it is broken down in a fermentation process, making alcohol. This is the source that causes the individual to lose their ability to think responsible and impair cognitive abilities.

Typically, a person who drinks alcohol may experience loss of inhibitions, decision-making impairment, difficulty thinking, and more.

Alcohol impacts the receptor sites for the neurotransmitters, including GABA, glutamate, and dopamine. When these are impacted, both movement and speech can be affected, which can in turn impact how quickly a driver reacts when driving.

A drunk driver may also have impaired vision, giving them potential trouble with depth perception and the ways in which they operate their vehicle. It could cause them to fail to identify vehicles braking in front of them or traffic signals.

When someone drinks and drives, this is considered negligence. When they cause serious accidents, individuals may sustain significant injuries and this puts them in a position to take legal action against the responsible party.

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