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Identifying the Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

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Because there are varying degrees of severity for brain injuries, many people downplay the various symptoms as something as simple as a headache. Unfortunately, this can also lead to the injured party not receiving the proper treatment to begin healing from his or her injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries can be severe, sometimes life-threatening injuries. It’s important for you to recognize the various symptoms associated with a TBI so you know what to do next. Here are just a few of the problems that may arise.

Physical Symptoms

Along with the pain of a traumatic brain injury comes other physical effects such as problems with balance, coordination, and motor skills. For instance, the injured party may have difficulty swallowing following the injury.

If you notice someone is suffering from dizziness, constant headaches, nausea, slurred speech, or losing their balance regularly, it could mean they suffered a serious brain injury.

Mental Symptoms

One of the biggest mental symptoms can include loss of memory—sometimes short-term, other times it can be long-term memories. You may notice that you’ll be discussing a past memory with them and they have no recollection of it ever happening.

If you notice this, it could be a symptom that whatever brain injury they sustained is more severe than initially thought to be. The injured party should see a medical professional as soon as possible to receive a proper diagnosis for the injury.

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