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What Evidence Do I Need for My Car Accident Claim?

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Car accidents can not only cause major injuries but also serious financial problems for those who are unprepared. The expenses of a car accident in Missouri add up fast. You have medical bills, car repair costs, damages to your belongings like your phone, and potential lost wages if your injuries result in missed work. Paying for all this yourself may not be the best option. Another option is to talk to a Kansas City car accident attorney who can help you file a car accident claim for compensation.

First Safety Steps to Take After a Car Accident

What Evidence Do I Need for My Car Accident Claim?The first car accident steps you take are the most important. These steps could mean the difference between protecting yourself and suffering additional harm. This harm does not only mean your physical safety but also your legal safety. Failing to take certain steps can lead to liability issues later on.

First, check yourself and your surroundings for injuries and hazards. Escape your car if you can do so without worsening your injuries. Call 911 as soon as possible if anyone was injured. Not calling 911 when someone is injured is an example of a liability issue that could hurt you. You will want police and paramedics there to have access to records of the accident later for your claim.

Try to move your vehicle off the road, if possible, to prevent further wrecks and to not disturb traffic. If not, attempt to redirect oncoming traffic with your hands or any reflective materials. This is especially important at night or if anyone is injured while lying on the road. Some people may not be able to be moved if their injuries are severe.

Do not leave the accident scene unless police say you can. Doing so may result in legal problems.

Car Accident Evidence You Must Have

Collecting car accident evidence for your accident claim is the next most important part. Without certain evidence, your claim could be automatically denied and delayed for much longer. Write down the following:

  • The other driver’s basic contact, auto insurance, and car model information
  • What led up to the accident
  • The date, time, and location of the accident
  • Any names of witnesses and statements

Take pictures with your phone of your vehicle damages, the accident scene, and your injuries. Obtain copies of your medical records and the police report. Submit all of this as a whole to the auto insurance company. Consider contacting a Kansas City accident lawyer if you have any questions about this process.

A lawyer can help you improve and defend your claim if the insurance company denies you compensation.

Kansas City Auto Accident Attorney

Things can feel hopeless when your car accident claim was still rejected despite all the evidence you submitted. Feel free to call Peterson and Associates P.C. at 816-888-8888 today to speak with a Missouri car accident lawyer for a free consultation. Our experienced legal team of Kansas City attorneys can help you increase your chances of compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.