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Can Car Accidents Be Staged?

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Not many people have heard about staged car accidents, yet they continue to scam people each year. The financial losses from a staged car accident can be substantial for the victims involved. However, you may not have to let yourself be scammed by a staged car accident if you increase your awareness of what they are. You can also talk to a Kansas City auto accident lawyer to navigate what legal options are available.

Negative Effects of Staged Car Accidents

There are several negative consequences of staged car accidents that can make life incredibly stressful. Not only might you not actually be at fault for the accident, but you might be dealing with multiple Can Car Accidents Be Staged?expenses. When a driver is at fault for a car accident, that driver is expected to pay for the other driver’s car accident damages.

Paying for the other driver’s car accident expenses can quickly drain your finances when you are also paying for your car accident expenses. This can quickly become overwhelming to manage. On top of that, your auto insurance company will see you as the at-fault driver and will likely increase your insurance premiums.

Even if you can prove you were not at fault for the accident, you will still be left with the time and stress of an accident claim. The aftermath of a car accident is often stressful and time-consuming during the initial stages. You may have to spend a lot of time and money building and defending your car accident claim.

Financial problems are not the only consequences. Depending on the severity of the car accident, some people are left with painful or crippling injuries. Medical bills create financial problems but severe injuries that result in lifelong impairments can result in lifelong medical costs. Some people may become unemployed when those impairments interfere with work.

How to Recognize a Staged Car Accident

Recognizing staged car accidents is a powerful tool you can use to avoid them and know when to take legal action if you find yourself in one. A left turn drive down staged car accident involves a driver who waves for you to turn left. If you are turning into a parking lot, the driver blocks the entrance and a second driver hits you.

The right turn drive down scenario involves turning right at an intersection. While you are turning right, the driver will hit you on the back-left side. Then the driver will claim you pulled in front of traffic. Curb drive down staged accidents happen when you start merging into traffic and a driver purposefully merges from the left lane, hitting your vehicle.

Try contacting a Kansas City car accident lawyer if you think you were in a staged car accident. A lawyer can help you defend yourself.

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