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How Much Are Railway Accident Claims Worth?

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The most challenging types of litigation are personal injury claims made against Amtrak and other railroad companies. Similar to car accidents, there are often several parties to look into for liability. The injuries are often severe as well, demanding fast financial support to pay for medical costs.

It is obvious that there are issues with Amtrak and these significant railroad companies, from the apparent inability to follow stringent safety requirements to the recent tragic disaster in Missouri that resulted in four fatalities.

What’s more, the last few years have seen an alarming rise in the frequency of train derailments and crashes, which has led to an increase in the number of lawsuits against Amtrak. Several of these have led to enormous losses.

Furthermore, the frequency and severity of these crashes raise concerns about Amtrak’s dedication to safety.

Amtrak Accidents Raise Safety Issues

Over the past decade, criticisms against Amtrak have centered on the company’s poor safety culture. Several experts claim that, in spite of having access to government cash, they do not enforce strict safety regulations or engineer training.

For instance, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) attributed a 2016 Amtrak tragedy in Philadelphia that claimed the lives of two employees to insufficient supervision. The NTSB found that Amtrak employees lacked the proper safety gear to reroute trains around rail work at the area of the incident.

The board subsequently found a total of 20 safety breaches. Similar to this, the NTSB held a hearing after a human error-related accident that occurred in Washington in 2017. The train’s engineer claimed that the collision occurred because he was unable to see the wayside signal.

Claims for Amtrak Derailments & Crashes

Steps to Take in the Aftermath of a Railway AccidentClearly, the lack of safety regulations has led to the deaths of innocent people and other high-profile incidents.

In point of fact, Amtrak derailment cases have resulted in compensation of millions of dollars, and subsequent mishaps involving Amtrak have sparked a number of lawsuits. Eight people died in the 2015 Philadelphia catastrophe that was previously mentioned, and because the train operator was to blame, Amtrak said that it will not fight claims for damages like medical bills.

However, federal law sets a $295 million cap on the compensation pool. This is the result of a 1997 legislative law known as the Amtrak Reform and Accountability Act, which at first imposed a cap of $200 million on the compensation that Amtrak accident victims could receive. The amount was raised to $295 million in 2015, but still, this cap could leave future victims and their families particularly vulnerable.

Attorney For Train Accidents in Kansas City

It should go without saying that a train accident may be disastrous for everyone involved. Sadly, victims of such situations often have fatal injuries or life-threatening injuries that turn their lives upside down. Luckily, you could be eligible to file a claim for compensation if you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a railway disaster.

Additionally, hiring a Kansas City train accident lawyer right at once might be crucial in helping you get the justice you deserve.

If a train accident has significantly and negatively impacted your life, you should speak with a lawyer at your earliest convenience. Please get in touch with Peterson & Associates, P.A. in Kansas City for more information on making a claim.

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