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How Often Does Negligence Contribute to Railway Accidents?

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On Monday, June 27, several cars derailed off an Amtrak train traveling between Los Angeles and Chicago. More than 200 passengers were on board the train at the time of the 12:45 p.m. incident, which involved the train crashing into a dump truck in northern Missouri.

According to initial police reports, two passengers and the dump truck driver perished in the collision. Four deaths have subsequently been confirmed, with one more passenger dying at a local hospital. On the whole, the Amtrak accident in Mendon resulted in 150 more injuries, with at least 10 victims still hospitalized as of the most recent information made available by officials.

In the aftermath, the National Transportation Safety Board dispatched a 14-person team to the crash site to begin an investigation, which remains ongoing. Former Inspector General of the United States Department of Transportation Mary Schiavo noted that the investigation will concentrate on the condition of the railroad crossing, as well as the area’s steep slope.

Negligence Causing Railway Accidents

How Often Does Negligence Contribute to Railway Accidents?Various entities are responsible for train accidents caused by negligence. Some may be the responsibility of the railway company, while others occur from conductor or staff error. What’s more, other accidents are also caused by the carelessness of government organizations. Alternately, the manufacturer of the equipment may have contributed to the accident.

For instance, another example of railroad negligence is the poor operation of a crossing arm. The operator was also negligent if he or she failed to activate the signal light, which should have provided sufficient warning.

Widespread use of decades-old, outmoded railroad and train equipment is a prominent factor contributing to this problem. There is superior technology available to improve railway safety, but its implementation is often delayed due to its high cost.

Per the National Transportation Safety Board, the railroad industry continues to pursue the ultimate objective of zero total accidents. Utilizing a multifaceted plan merging the aspects of continued investment, partnerships with local authorities, deployment of much-needed technology (such as PTCs), and improvement in operations, railroads are seemingly making progress in most categories of safety. This includes those that present the most persistent challenges, such as incidents caused by human error and at grade crossings with highways.

Safety Concerns After Menden Train Crash

In the last five years, Amtrak has carried in excess of 30 million people despite its aging train fleet. In point of fact, in 2015 alone, the Empire Service, Northeast Regional, and Southwest Chief trains set ridership records for Amtrak.

Train accidents are less common than other forms of transportation accidents, which may explain why they are not seen as a major worry. Although railroads are used less often than they were centuries before, they are nonetheless quite busy. In actuality, travel by train remain widespread in the United States, particularly subways, trams, and commuter trains. In the United States alone, there are over 500 railroads, hundreds of thousands of miles of track, and more than 200,000 railroad crossings.

However, railroad accidents may result in serious injuries and fatalities. When this happens, it may be more difficult than it should be to obtain compensation from the guilty organization or individual. No entity or party wants to be held accountable for such a catastrophic event, and many insurers or other conglomerates will fight relentlessly to deny or reduce your claims.

Needless to say, as seen by the events leading up to the catastrophe in Missouri on Monday, authorities must prioritize rider safety moving forward.

Kansas City Train Accident Attorney

A railway accident may have significant repercussions for all those involved. Tragically, victims of such incidents often suffer life-threatening injuries or even die. However, if you have been wounded in a railway disaster or have lost a loved one, you may be entitled to seek legal action.

Immediate consultation with a Kansas City train accident attorney might make a significant difference in receiving the justice you deserve.

If a railway accident has drastically altered your life, do not delay in contacting an attorney. Call the Kansas City train accident attorneys at Peterson & Associates, P.A. for additional information about filing a claim. Please do not hesitate to call us at 816-888-8888. Remember that our seasoned team of qualified, compassionate lawyers is available around the clock to serve you and yours.