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Most Common Causes of Railway Accidents

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Accidents involving trains and railroads often bring up pictures of crashes with passenger cars at railroad crossings or catastrophic train derailments. Despite the fact that these may cause severe harm and disaster, many ignore the less noteworthy train accidents that can still result in injury. Per the U.S. Department of Transportation facts and figures, even minor crashes cause major wounds to victims.

Regardless of the reason for your train or rail accident, however, you may be entitled to compensation from the irresponsible person who caused it.

Lawsuits Filed For Missouri Train Crash

In fact, initial lawsuits and wrongful death claims have been filed just a few days following an Amtrak train disaster in rural Missouri, which killed four people and injured around 150 more.

According to officials, BNSF Railway and Amtrak filed a federal lawsuit last week against the contracting firm, MS Contracting in Brookfield, Mississippi, whose concrete truck and driver were crushed by the passenger train in last Monday’s accident. The BNSF Railway Firm is stating in their lawsuit that the train was plainly visible and that the truck driver was careless, passing visible safety line markers at the railway.

However, at the crossing where the tragedy happened, officials allege that there are no signals, lights, or gates to warn others on the roadway of an incoming train. Residents and a government traffic safety organization had voiced concerns about the crossing’s safety before the catastrophe, describing it as extremely steep and improperly equipped.

Chariton County authorities further stated that they have been advocating for certain safety enhancements to be installed at the train’s crossing for more than three years.

The train accident killed the truck driver, a 54-year-old Brookfield man, as well as three train passengers. On Thursday, the widow of the truck driver also filed suit, with a wrongful death complaint against Chariton County and BNSF authorities in state court. Part of the suit notes that BNSF had allegedly rated the crossing as unsafe previously.

Common Causes of Rail Accidents

Most Common Causes of Railway AccidentsNumerous railway accidents are attributable to avoidable human mistakes or faulty equipment/machinery. Train accidents may be caused by, for instance, mechanical or electrical failure of a train or track, structural faults in a track, a train driver falling asleep, communication failures (signaling errors, for instance), and driver inexperience.

For example, if a government-owned railway is at fault, the injured party may be compelled to deliver specific notice of the claim to the railroad within a set time frame, sometimes as short as one or two months. As a result, victims of railway and railroad accidents should contact an attorney as soon as possible for help with their claims.

Tragically, severe railway and railroad accidents may be fatal for all parties involved, including train operators, passengers, pedestrians, and spectators. Passengers may get neck injuries (whiplash), back injuries, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, fractured bones, internal injuries, and more in the event of a train disaster. Those engaged in a railway or railroad explosion may receive burn injuries, as well as internal ailments from smoke inhalation and other poisonous substances.

More than one of these factors might have had a role in any given accident. Those injured in railway accidents, as well as surviving family members of those deceased, must identify all culpable parties and file a claim against them before the statute of limitations expires.

Train Accident Attorney in Kansas City

It goes without saying that a train crash might have disastrous consequences for everyone involved. Unfortunately, victims of such occurrences often have life-threatening injuries or die as a result of their injuries. However, if you were injured or lost a loved one in a railway tragedy, you may be able to pursue a case.

Contacting a train accident lawyer in Kansas City right now might make all the difference in getting the justice you deserve.

If a railway accident has had a significant and terrible impact on your life, you should contact an attorney immediately. Contact the Kansas City train accident attorneys at Peterson & Associates, P.A. for more information on filing a claim.

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