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Why We Created the Foundation: The Peterson’s Story

About eight years ago, the Peterson family was forever changed. They had learned that their daughter, Lauren, one of identical twins, had a hypoplastic right ventricle and pulmonary atresia. This condition means that the right ventricle is either too small or absent, which means the pulmonary artery will not have enough blood pumped to it. Babies with hypoplastic right syndrome can often become cyanotic, which means they will turn blue shortly after birth.

The diagnosis was given to the Peterson family shortly before her birth, and her doctors believed her chances of living were slim. Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City became a haven for the family, as Dr. Gowdamarajan, a cardiologist, developed a treatment plan to help Lauren.

Partnering with Dr. Hubbell and Dr. Lofland, all three doctors were able to provide the surgical and medical treatment that would ultimately give Lauren a chance to live the life she deserved.

Giving Back to the Kansas City Community

"We developed The Peterson Foundation to support children in need throughout the Kansas City area—to affect positive change and help brighten our children's future. Its mission is to help children in any way we can. We hope to grow the foundation over the coming years and expand its reach and support as far as possible."
— Dave & Krista Peterson.

The Peterson Foundation is a caring response to one family’s medical challenges. After being inspired by their children, the Petersons knew they wanted to do something to give back to the community. The foundation helps provide support to children in need throughout the Kansas City area.

Our foundation orchestrates several different campaigns, including:

  • Children’s Mercy Hospital Red Hot Night Fundraiser
  • Higher M-Pact
  • Reading Campaigns
  • Texting & Driving Education

Red Hot Night – Heart’s Desire

The Red Hot Night – Heart’s Desire event allowed donors to go out on Valentine’s Day and raise money for the surgery suite for Cardiac Surgery at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics. At the end of the day, the fundraiser surpassed more than $600,000 for the cause.

David Peterson and Ryan Jackson of Peterson & Associates, P.C. donated production of a video showcase profiling two former heart patients and their successes. On top of this, David and his wife Krista helped the Fund-A-Need portion of the auction, donating another $25,000. This event has raised more than $1.8 million for Children’s Mercy Hospital and it is a cause that the team at our firm feel passionate about.

We are happy we had the chance to make a difference in such an incredible way. See more from the event in the video below.

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If you would like to learn more about The Peterson Foundation and how you can get involved, feel free to reach out to us at 816-888-8888 today.

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