Drunk driving is one of the more serious problems on the road today—especially when you consider exactly how much damage can be caused and how many people experience significant injuries as a result of the crash. As individuals, we may be able to take steps to help end the problem of drunk driving, but it starts with knowing what exactly you can do to either prevent or avoid the issue. Our knowledgeable car accident attorneys recommend these steps to be effective in stopping drunk driving.

What You Can Do to Help Stop Drunk Driving

While it’s no mystery that the behavior of drinking and driving is a deadly combination, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that approximately 40 people die every day in drunk driving accidents. Better awareness and a willingness to speak up can help prevent these and other alcohol-related tragedies

Don’t Let People Leave Your Home Drunk

If you’re a social host—or if you own an establishment that serves alcohol—you need to ensure that individuals who are extremely intoxicated don’t drive. According to Missouri’s dram laws, you may be held liable if a person leaves your place drunk, drives while impaired, and causes a serious crash. 

Missouri’s blood alcohol content limit (BAC) is .08. For the average person, they reach a point of inebriation after about four or five drinks within a couple of hours. While you can't test BAC, the dram laws state that if you notice drunken behavior, it’s your responsibility to stop serving them. Encourage another way for them to get home safely, such as by calling a friend, family member, taxi, or rideshare service. 

Report Drunk Drivers On the Road

Do you know all the ways to identify a drunk driver on the road? For example, you might spot someone:

  • Swerving back and forth between lanes
  • Speeding up then slowing down repeatedly
  • Not using headlights properly
  • Erratic braking 
  • Tailgating
  • Almost hitting a curb, sign, or other object

Don’t try to engage. Simply call 911 right away and provide a description of the vehicle, the driver’s behaviors, and your location. The authorities will manage the situation from that point.

Take Legal Action

If you’re involved in a crash caused by a drunk driver, it’s important to take legal action. Yes, it's helpful to seek compensation, but it also means seeking justice and holding the negligent party accountable for their actions. Legal action has the ability to incite change. It forces individuals to think about their actions, pay for the damages they caused, and hopefully prevent them from drinking and driving ever again.

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