Toy Safety Concerns and Recalls can Lead to LitigationWhile children young and old will be excited about the prospects for new toys this holiday season, parents must evaluate toys and products from a safety perspective. Each year, tens of thousands of children’s products are recalled due to dangerous ingredients, choking hazards, bacterial infections, fire hazards and many other reasons.

Toy Safety Concerns 

When shopping and wrapping presents, parents should evaluate many safety factors to ensure that the toys they purchase for their children are sage and not part of a recall. Some factors to consider include:

  • Loose parts that may pose a choking hazard
  • Cords or strings that can pose a hanging hazard
  • Packaging that poses a suffocating hazard
  • Any allergy causing ingredients
  • Lead or mercury in science kits or devices

Parents should also remove all packing and packaging materials and dispose of them quickly. Packaging materials are a significant source of injury every year.

Parents who receive hand-me-downs or buy used and secondhand goods should be especially vigilant about product recalls. A recalled children’s item will never expire. Oftentimes, they cannot be fixed and if the original owner did not return or exchange the product, than the product may still pose a danger to children. If you are concerned about whether a product is safe for your child, check online or discard the item altogether.

Sign Up For Safety Recalls

An easy way to ensure that parents can access the latest kids’ safety recalls is by signing up for automatic recall information via email at the Safe Kids Worldwide consumer advocacy website. Their automatic recall notification system compiles up-to-date information about recalled products as announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Nearly one million children die each year from preventable injuries. Parents need to remain vigilant and stay informed. Many product injuries are life-threatening and can easily be prevented.

Missouri Defective Products Lawyers Peterson & Associates, P.C.

Given the potential harm that dangerous toys can cause, it's essential to have experienced legal representation when pursuing claims against manufacturers or other responsible parties. As dangerous products lawyers, Peterson & Associates, P.C. has been helping families get the justice that they deserve by helping them with:

  1. Personal Injury Claims: If a child or another individual is harmed due to a dangerous or defective toy, they may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages (if an adult was injured and couldn't work), and other damages.

  2. Product Liability: Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their products. If they release a dangerous or defective toy to the market, they can be held liable. A lawyer can help prove that the toy was inherently defective or that the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings about its dangers.

  3. Wrongful Death: In the most tragic cases, a dangerous toy might lead to the death of a child or another individual. Families might need a lawyer to pursue wrongful death claims against the responsible parties.

  4. Class Actions: If a particular toy has harmed multiple individuals, they might band together in a class-action lawsuit. A defective product lawyer can help coordinate and represent these group claims.

  5. Negotiations with Companies: Often, before a lawsuit is even filed, lawyers might negotiate with the toy manufacturer or distributor for a settlement. Having a skilled lawyer can ensure that the victim receives a fair settlement.

  6. Knowledge of Regulations: Toy manufacturers must abide by certain safety standards and regulations. A Missouri defective product lawyer would be familiar with these rules, ensuring that any violations are identified and addressed in legal claims.

  7. Navigating Complex Legal Process: Product liability claims can be complicated, requiring expertise in both legal and technical aspects. A lawyer can help navigate the intricacies of the legal system, gather evidence, and represent the victim's best interests in court.

  8. Ensuring Timely Action: There are statutes of limitations for product liability claims. If a claim is not filed within a certain period, the victim might lose their right to pursue compensation. A lawyer can ensure all deadlines are met.

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