Columbia, Missouri can be a dangerous place. Accidents can Personal Injury Lawyers Located in Columbia, Missouri happen anytime and don’t always come with warning signs. After an accident, you may have many questions about personal injury law and what to do next. The attorneys at Peterson & Associates, P.C. are here to help. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about personal injury to help you understand your rights and what to expect. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about personal injury in Columbia:

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What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is a legal term used to describe an injury to the body, mind, or emotions caused by another person’s wrongful act or negligence. Injuries can range from minor scratches and bruises to major disabilities and even death. Personal injury lawsuits may be filed to obtain financial compensation for the damages suffered by the injured person. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence in Columbia, you must speak with a Columbia personal injury lawyer to understand your legal rights and options.

What is a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case is any lawsuit a person files to seek compensation for an injury or loss they have suffered. Personal injury cases can be filed in several different ways: 

  • By filing a lawsuit directly against the at-fault party
  • By filing a lawsuit against an insurance company
  • By filing a lawsuit against a third party such as a hospital or doctor

The main difference between these types of personal injury cases is who is responsible for paying any damages awarded. In most cases, when someone files a lawsuit directly against the person who caused them harm, they are asking for compensation from that person. 

When someone files a suit against an insurance company, however, they are seeking compensation from the insurance company itself. Depending on your circumstances, this difference can have significant consequences for your case.

What Damages Can I Recover in My Columbia, MO Personal Injury Claim?

Damages are simply the losses or harms you have suffered due to the other party’s negligence. Many different types of damages can be recovered in a personal injury claim in Columbia, Missouri including:

Medical Expenses

This includes past and future medical expenses related to your injury. Medical expenses are one of the most common forms of compensation. These can include hospital bills, prescription medications, and chiropractic care.

Lost Wages

If you have missed work or had to reduce your hours as a result of your Columbia, Missouri injury, you can recover damages for lost wages. This can include both past and future wages, depending on the severity of your injury.

Pain and Suffering

This is one of the most common types of damages recovered in a personal injury claim. It includes compensation for physical pain, mental anguish, and other non-economic losses you have suffered in Columbia, Missouri.

Property Damage

If the other party’s negligence caused damage to your property, you can recover damages to cover those costs.

Other damages you can recover in a Columbia, Missouri personal injury claim include:

  • Loss of consortium 
  • Punitive damages 
  • Emotional trauma 

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you must speak with an experienced Columbia, Missouri personal injury lawyer to learn more about your legal options.

Will I Have to Go to Court in Columbia, Missouri?

Many personal injury cases in Columbia are resolved out of court. This means that the parties involved reach an agreement without going to trial. There are a few reasons why a case might go to trial. If both sides cannot agree on the terms of the settlement, the case will go to trial. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, the case might also go to trial.

If you do have to go to court, our Missouri personal injury attorneys will be there every step to ensure you have the best chance at winning your case.

Do I Need a Columbia, Missouri Attorney Before I Can File a Claim?

It depends on the severity of your injuries and the amount of damage you’ve suffered. In some cases, you may be able to file a claim without an attorney. However, if you’ve suffered significant damages or your case is more complicated, it’s probably in your best interest to seek legal representation. A personal injury attorney will be able to help you build a case, negotiate with the insurance company, and represent you in court if necessary.

What Types of Personal Injury Claims Do We Handle at Peterson & Associates, P.C.?

We handle a wide range of personal injury cases, from car accidents to slips and falls. No matter what type of injury you’ve sustained, we’re here to help.

Some of the most common cases we handle at Peterson & Associates, P.C. include car accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice, and product liability. We understand that every case is unique, so we take the time to listen to your story and develop a tailored plan.

If you’re looking for a law firm that will fight for you, look no further than ours. We have the experience and resources to get you the compensation you deserve.

What if I Had a Pre-Existing Condition?

Even if you had a pre-existing condition before your accident, you might still be able to pursue a personal injury case. Your pre-existing condition will be considered when determining your case’s value, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to receive any compensation. You may be able to recover damages for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Speaking with an experienced Missouri personal injury lawyer is essential to learn more about your specific case and what you can expect.

How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case?

You can look at a few things to determine if you have a personal injury case. First and foremost, you need to be able to prove that the other party was negligent. This means they failed to meet their duty of care, which caused you harm. Secondly, you need to have sustained damages. This could be physical, emotional, or financial damages.

If you meet both criteria, you must reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you assess your case and determine the best course of action.

How Do I Choose a Columbia, MO Personal Injury Lawyer?

When it comes time to choose a personal injury lawyer, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

First, make sure the lawyer has experience in personal injury law. Second, find out if they have a good reputation and if they’ve been successful in the past. And finally, ask for references from past clients. If you’re looking for a Columbia personal injury attorney, we recommend giving us a call at Peterson & Associates, P.C. Our personal injury law firm has a team of experienced and qualified Columbia personal injury attorneys who are happy to help you with your case.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Columbia, Missouri? 

In general, you have five years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim in Columbia. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, so it’s best to speak with an attorney to find out exactly how long you have. 

If you’re filing a wrongful death claim in Columbia, Missouri, you have three years from the date of death to file a claim.

What Should I Do After Being Injured in a Car Accident?

After an accident, it’s crucial to take the proper steps to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Here are a few things you should do:

  • Check yourself and the people around you for injuries and ask for medical help if needed.
  • Call the police and file a report.
  • Gather evidence at the scene of the accident. This includes taking photos, recording witness statements, and getting the contact information of any drivers or passengers involved.
  • Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your case and protect your rights.

How Much is My Claim Worth?

Determining the value of a personal injury claim can be difficult. Many factors must be considered, such as the severity of your injuries, how long they will last, and whether you will require ongoing medical treatment. 

Generally, the more serious your injuries are, the higher your claim will likely be. You may also receive compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other related expenses.

It’s important to speak to a qualified lawyer to get a better understanding of what your claim may be worth.

How Will I Be Able to Pay My Medical Bills?

One of the most common concerns we hear from our clients is how they will be able to pay their medical bills. Medical expenses are often one of the most significant expenses a person incurs after an accident. At Peterson & Associates, P.C., we understand that you may be worried about how you will afford to get the medical care you need.

That’s why we work hard to help our clients get the money they need to pay for their medical expenses. We will work with you to pay your bills, so you can focus on improving.

Will I Get Paid if I’m Unable to Work Because of My Injury?

If you’re unable to work due to your injury, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that provides benefits to employees who are injured or become ill due to their job.

Benefits may include medical expenses, income replacement, and death benefits. To learn more about workers’ compensation and whether you’re eligible for benefits, contact our Columbia workers’ compensation attorneys at Peterson & Associates, P.C.

How Can I Maximize My Personal Injury Compensation?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Every case is unique, and the amount of compensation that you may be able to recover will depend on the facts and circumstances of your case.

However, there are a few things that you can do to maximize your personal injury compensation. First, make sure that you have a qualified personal injury lawyer representing you. The lawyers at Peterson & Associates, P.C. are experienced in handling personal injury claims and will work hard to get you the best possible outcome.

It is also vital for you to keep track of all of your expenses related to your accident. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, and any other costs you have incurred due to your injury.

You should also ensure that you document your injury as thoroughly as possible. Take pictures of your injuries, keep track of all medical records and bills, and write down everything that happens related to your accident. The more evidence you can provide, the better your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in court.

What if I was Partially at Fault for the Accident?

If you were partially at fault for the accident, that might impact your ability to receive compensation. Missouri is a contributory negligence state, which means that even if you were only partially responsible for the accident, you might still be barred from receiving any compensation.

However, if you can prove that the other party was also partially at fault, your compensation may not be reduced as much. If you have any questions about your particular case, it’s best to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Missouri. They can help advise you on your next steps and what to expect.

How Long Will My Personal Injury Claim Take?

Every personal injury claim is different, and the duration can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the severity of your injuries, how many witnesses are available, and whether the other party decides to dispute the claim.

Most personal injury claims in Columbia will take between six and twelve months to resolve. However, if your case goes to trial, it could take years. If you have any questions about how long your personal injury claim will take, please don’t hesitate to contact our Columbia personal injury lawyers for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you understand the process.

What Are the Steps Involved in Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Columbia?

After an injury, you may be wondering what to do next. The steps involved in filing a personal injury claim may seem daunting, but don’t worry; we’re here to help.

First and foremost, you’ll need to gather evidence related to your accident. This includes medical bills, police reports, and eyewitness testimony. You’ll also need to file an accident report with the police.

Then, you’ll need to contact a personal injury lawyer. They can help you file a claim and will work to get you the compensation you deserve.

Finally, once your lawyer has filed your claim, it will go before a judge. The judge will decide whether or not you’re eligible for compensation and how much you should receive.

How Much Will it Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer at Peterson & Associates, P.C.?

Our Columbia personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means they don’t get paid until you do. In other words, you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket unless your lawyer wins your case.

We also work on a “no win, no fee” basis, which means you don’t have to pay anything if your case is unsuccessful. So, you don’t have anything to lose by speaking to our personal injury lawyers at Peterson & Associates, P.C.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, don’t hesitate to contact our personal injury lawyers in Columbia. They can help you get the compensation you deserve

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

If you’ve been injured in Missouri, it’s essential to seek legal help as soon as possible. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side is extremely crucial. A personal injury attorney can help you file a claim and negotiate with the insurance company. An attorney can also help you determine if you have a case and represent you in court if necessary. An attorney can help protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

An attorney can help you determine the steps you need to take to ensure that you will have the opportunity to file a claim on time. They can also assist you with gathering evidence that supports your case, and they can negotiate with the other party’s insurance company on your behalf. A lawyer helps you ensure that all of your rights are protected so that you do not have to worry about being denied compensation for your losses.

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