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Trucking Company Involved in Amtrak Accident Ordered to Pay $5 Million

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A legal battle involving a June 2011 accident in which a truck collided with an Amtrak passenger may soon be coming to an end.

On September 17, 2014, a federal grand jury in Reno, Nevada awarded $5 million to Amtrak and Union Pacific Railroad for the damages caused by the truck accident. The truck driver was driving for the John Davis Trucking Company.

Four passengers on the train and the conductor were are all killed. The driver of the truck was also killed. The train was coming from Chicago and traveling to Emeryville, California. The train was three hours behind its scheduled departure time when it pulled out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Amtrak and Union Pacific sued the John Davis Trucking Company for damages and asked for $11 million. The jury found in Amtrak Union Pacific’s favor.

They concluded that the trucking company was negligent. During the 4 week trial, railroad attorneys used video footage demonstrating that the truck driver ignored the gate, and whistle blasts.

Lawyers for the trucking company attempted to argue that the railroad company’s signals and crossing gate malfunctioned and caused the accident. Additionally, the lawyers argued that evidence demonstrating the faulty signals and gate was intentionally destroyed by the train and railroad companies.

The amount of money that the trucking company is required to shell out may continue to increase as the judge in the case considers whether to approve almost another million dollars in attorney fees.

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