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One Million Trek Bikes Recalled

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A bicycle rider was paralyzed and an additional two riders were seriously injured. The culprit? Trek Bicycles. One The Wisconsin-based company has recalled nearly one million bikes in North America.

The bicycles were produced by the Trek company between 1999 and 2015. The dangerous bicycles have been recalled because the front wheels can suddenly lockup or separate from the front disc brake.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, at least one person has been left a quadriplegic after the defect. Two other riders suffered facial injuries and a broken wrist.

The bikes are quite expensive and often retail for more than $1500 with the lower end models costing around $500 each. The company manufactures the bikes in Taiwan and China and more than a million on these bicycles are in the hands of consumers.

In response to the reported injuries, the company voluntarily issued the recall after apologizing to bike owners for the inconvenience.

The bikes are defective in several ways. The front lever attached to the disc brakes can malfunction and disable the brakes. Additionally, the front wheel can become detached while the rider is on the bicycle causing them to pitch forward and opening them up to serious head injuries.

Consumers who own Trek bikes are being provided with a $20 coupon to fix the lever on the front part of the bike. The company has stated that the fix is not too difficult and should not take more than five minutes to finish.

The majority of the bikes were sold in the United States, where 900,000 bikes have been sold. The remaining 100,000 bikes or so were sold in Canada.

Injured consumers should contact an attorney immediately. They may be entitled to financial compensation if the company’s manufacturing defect is found to the cause of their accident.

At Peterson & Associates, our attorneys have been following the injuries to consumers closely and are experienced with representing the interests injured cyclists in many different legal forums.

If you are a Trek bicycle owner who has suffered an injury on a recalled bicycle, contact our attorneys immediately.